Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Last Song

The Last Song The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
A true Nicholas Sparks masterpiece! The Last Song dealt with love, loss, faith, forgiveness and truth. I related with Ronnie and understood her. Finding that connection makes you really care about the characters. Nicholas's writing makes all your senses come alive with his words. The story starts out with Ronnie, an angry teenager, who finds love for the first time and reunites with her estranged father. Along this path she learns so much about herself and those around her. Her experiences that summer help shape the young woman she becomes towards the end of the book. I loved this book from start to finish and hope the movie lives up to this book. I recommend this book to everyone.

Thanks to my friend Sassy who stood in line for hours to get me an autographed copy.

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  1. I loved The Choice can't wait to read this one maybe after I finish Vampire Academy. :)

  2. Hey, I so agree with you about The Last Song. Nicholas Sparks has an amazing way to make you connect with the characters from any of his stories. I love your blog will definetly follow.