Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reporting from the New Moon Hot Topic Tour

So the Hot Topic Tour stopped in Houston and while I can tell you it was fun and really crowded nothing can explain it like videos and pictures. I tried not to go crazy but being so close to Nov. 20th it's very hard to contain my excitement. My day started out very normal I checked twitter, gmail,, and maybe a few sites for new pics that popped up overnight. I know but like I said we are almost at Nov 20th! Then I ask my boss if I can leave at noon to get to the Galleria early so I can get a good view of Alex Meraz and Koala Bear (Kiowa Gordon) and he just laughed and said yes! YAY did I mention I have the best boss ever! So I get to the mall and see there isn't a line so I get some food because the event starts at 7:30 I think I should eat but not drink to much before I get in line for 7 1/2 hours. I hang out in the mail until about 2 and then I learn that the event is at a different location! Well I hurry over and luckily there are only 7 people there. They are super sweet and we become line-besties. I did come prepared with line entertainment such as New Moon the book, Podcast loaded with the New Moon soundtrack, Twilight Newborn Podcast, and Twilight the movie, also a camera, and phone with access to twitter. So the 7 1/2 hours just flew by with the exception of never being able to feel my bottom half again. Seriously for a second I thought I was to old to sit on the floor. Yes I said floor! Ok so having a fan girl moment is fun but way better if you can talk your peeps into joining you. Luckily I made sitting on the floor for 7 hours sound like so much fun that Mercedes and Lydia came to join me. YAY! I was a little shocked by some of the people around me. Seriously some hadn't read the book. Others thought Taybait would be at the event when we all know he was in Paris. One teenybopper said she was ready to jump on stage and RAPE Alex. Then her friend said oh he's married and she went on to say "Who cares!" Seriously where are the parents!?! Yeah that statement means I'm old. Anyways the guys came out like 20 min early and were really great. They answered questions that the fans thought up. So all in all it was good.

So check out the pics and videos:


  1. lol I can see you running through the mall trying to find the new location! Even if I don't have anyone to stand/sit in line with me NEXT THURSDAY (YAY!!!!!) I will sit/stand by myself. My BTFF did it! :) I want to take my laptop but not sure..maybe just my ipod and phone lol and a lawn chair!

  2. WHOOOT WHOOT! Yay, I am so jealous of you. =D I mssed the one in PHX... which had Felix & Demitri... I think thats who they were... don't remember their real names, but yea, so awesome. Thanks for sharing!!