Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Listen Book Review

Just Listen Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The story starts out with Annabel the girl who lives in a glass house and is a model. She was one of the popular girls until something happened at the beginning of summer that changed her life. We follow Annabel as she goes back to school to find out that she is now an outcast. Instead of talking to her parents about what's bothering her she just lies to them and pretend everything is fine. We also see that her family has a lot of issues to go through and she feels she can't add to those problems. While feeling like she has no one she becomes friends with Owen, a guy most people are afraid of. Owen turns out to be just the friend she needs. Instead of being this angry guy he's sweet and honest with Annabel. Throughout the book we get glimpses of what happened to Annabel and why she became withdrawn from her old life. Her story is one that nobody should experience but everyone should be informed about. Just when Annabel feels she has ran from her past something happens and she has to face it. Owen tries to reach out to her but she pushes him away. During this time Annabel has to decide to keep running or facing her past. This story is touching and beautiful.

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  1. just listen was my first Sarah dessen book although the others read in the future never matched this one always stayed with me, i loved her story great review :)