Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mockingjay - The final book of The Hunger Games Trilogy

Release Date: 08.24.10

Today is an exciting day!!!! The cover and title of the third Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins has been released. While Scholastic is not giving details about the story fans are still really excited about the cover news.

I am a little surprised that the book cover is such a light blue. Does the color of the covers hold some symbolism? Hunger Games was black and the book had an element of oppression also look at how the head of the mockingjay is down. Catching Fire was red and we saw the passion where people are fighting back against the government and the mockingjay is flying in a target like Katniss and Peeta. Now the Mockingjay  cover is a light blue so will this bring an element of peace?  I also like how the mockingjay is flying with it's wings out and it's flying up.  I guess we will find out in August.


So my questions are:

Who will Katniss end up with?

Will Suzanne Collins tour for this book?

Will there be a book trailer?

What is going on with the movie?

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  1. Also notice, the mockingjay is no longer in a target. It looks as if the target has been destroyed and it is flying freely. Very interesting. I'm so excited! But yes, I'm kind of surprised it's such a pale color in comparison to the vivid red and extreme black.

  2. you said that the cicrle on cover of Catching fire was a target but I think its actually a clue to the clock arena they fight in during the Quarter Quell

  3. I think the circles in all three book jackets represent the districts. In the first, the one the mockingjay is in is slightly broken--like district 12's fence, which is hardly ever electrified. The second book jacket it is solid--because Thread has restored the electricity in the fence. And in the third, it is completely broken since district 12 is blown up. I agree with the color symbolism & the second also symbolizes the mockingjay inside the "clock" arena. Since Katniss IS the mockingjay, we can assume (based on the cover) she will fly "freely" in the last book. Does that mean she will die & her soul will be free? Who knows.