Friday, February 26, 2010

Thirst No. 1 Book Review

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice by Christopher Pike

My rating: 1 of 5 stars
5000 years, 600 pages, and all I got was a lame book!  When I think of this book one word comes to mind. HORRIBLE! I really wanted to like it but I couldn't. Many of my friends read it and said how great it was but for me it just dragged on and on. It reminds me of how I had such a hard time finishing The Host by S. Meyer. I did like the idea of Sita because she sort of reminded me of Selene from Underworld just in the strength and kick ass abilities but the comparison ends there. Sita falls in love with everyone every 5 seconds. She couldn't stop talking about how beautiful she was and even spoke in the third person about herself. It was really weird and did I mention it was 600 pages? First her creator is after her, then a psycho, then the government, then she gives it all up. I would like to know what happens in the next book but I don't want to read all 600 pages to find out. It took me two months to read this book when it normally takes me 2-3 days. I do like vampire books but this was a total fail.

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  1. 600 pages for the 1st book of a series is long! That's craziness.

  2. hehe... We've talked about this one before. Seriously, read the second book. It ALL makes sense!!! Andddd... you will be crying by the end. Just. Do. It.

  3. LOL I don't know the books are so big and the first one made me insane! Just tell me what happened :)

  4. This book was so long because it was actually 3 smaller books put together into one. I had the originals when I was younger and they were all separated. But yeah, I hated this series, too. My mom bought them and made me read them. I HATED them!

  5. AshHadAns OMG poor you! I have heard some people love them for me it was just bad!