Friday, March 19, 2010

Author Appriciation Week - Joy Fielding

Many people are amazed when they see how much I read and I would love to tell you about the author who started it all. One day I was wandering the rows of Half Price Books and Joy Fielding’s book, The First Time, jumped out at me. Joy Fielding is a adult fiction author who wrote The First Time, which is a story about Mattie, a woman who has a perfect husband and a great teenage daughter, then she finds out her husband is unfaithful, her daughter take the separation hard and starts having sex, and to make things worse Mattie finds out she is sick. This was the first book that really made me cry and get emotionally involved in the story. After reading The First Time, I bought every book she wrote and have very rarely been disappointed. Joy’s novels are touching, sad, suspenseful and beautiful! She writes adult fiction and has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for several of her books. Many of her novels have also been turned into movies for Lifetime, such as The Other Woman, Don’t Cry Now, and See Jane Run. Thanks to Joy I found my love of books!

A few of Joy's Book Covers:

Here is a blog post I did on her latest book

Joy Fielding’s Info:

Backlist of Joy’s Books:
*for books I have read
Still Life*
Charley's Web*
Mad River*
Whispers and Lies*
Grand Avenue*
The First Time*
Missing Pieces*
Don't Cry Now*
Tell Me No Secrets*
See Jane Run*
Good Intentions
The Deep End
Life Penalty
The Other Women
Kiss Mommy Goodbye

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