Thursday, March 18, 2010

Author Appriciation Week - Nicholas Sparks

     When I think about romantic love stories I think of one man and that man is Nicholas Sparks. From The Notebook, True Believer, At First Site, A Bend in the Road, The Rescue, Dear John, and many more which have all lead to his latest masterpiece The Last Song, all of his books have left a lasting impression on us all. His books live on the New York Best Sellers List as well as becoming box office hits.
     His novel that would start his string of box office hits was Message in a Bottle and went on to include other hits such as A Walk to Remember, which was a story insipired by his sister that he lost to cancer, The Notebook a love story that captivated the MTV generation, Nights in Rodanthe, the novel that was inspired by his in laws true love story and in 2010 we had the movie that would command the number 1 spot with movie goers, Dear John, a book we all fell in love with.
     The latest of Sparks books to make it to the big screen is The Last Song and one of my favorite books! This book made me cry, laugh, hug my loved ones, and give thanks for where I work. This was book was also a first for Nicholas because he wrote the screenplay before the novel and it was written for Miley Cyrus. Don't hold that against him if you are not a Miley fan. I think that if she plays Ronnie right she will win over a new audience. In The Last Song, Ronnie is forced to spend the summer with her estranged father in a small beach town in North Carolina. There Nicholas Sparks works his magic to help mend the bonds between father and daughter and it's where Ronnie finds her first love.  

The Last Song is also really special to me because a great twitter friend Sassette stood in line for hours to get me an autographed copy. This is something I can never thank her enough for!

I look forward to many more novels and movies from the great Nicholas Sparks!

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Theree Weeks With My Brother*
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