Monday, March 22, 2010

The Awakening Review

The Awakening (Ghost Huntress, Book 1) The Awakening by Marley Gibson / Kate Harmon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Over the weekend I finished reading The Awakening (Ghost Huntress, Book 1) by Marley Gibson. This is the first book I've read by this author and I found it hard to read. I really wanted to like it! I picked up the book at Half Price Books, on one of my many trips, after reading a few pages and thought it was cute. As I started to read more of the book it started to feel predictable and you can pretty much figure out the plot of the story. I would say this would be a good recommendation for a younger audience, but the main character uses a lot of curse words. The story is about Kendall, a girl who moves from Chicago to the small town of Radisson, Georgia. When she arrives in Radisson, she has no friends and then she finds out she can talk to ghosts. At first she hears a voice from her white noise sleep machine, then she starts to just know random facts about people, and eventually she starts seeing spirits. Soon after arriving in Radisson she befriends Celia, the wallflower whose family is rich; Taylor, the once popular girl who dropped off the social scene; and Becca, the debutant turned goth girl. They all come together to form a ghost hunting group in order to help lost souls. Of course there is the cute boy who happens to be Taylor’s twin and Kendall ends up falling for him, but not before making a mess of things. In addition I wasn’t crazy about the IM speak, or that Taylor used random French expressions. I didn’t hate the book I just wasn’t crazy about it and I would probably give book two a chance.

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  1. Oh wow...I was actually considering this one. Still might pick it up. Thanks for the review!!

  2. It's not bad just not great. I think I expected a lot.

  3. You didn't really tell us WHY it wasn't an enjoyable book. The vagueness of it is a disservice to anyone wanting to read the book. Both my daughter and I read it and found it completely charming, fun, funny, and realistic. Yes, there are predictable things in it, but what YA book doesn't have predictability? Your criticism is that you didn't like the IMing or the character's use of French phrases. That's not really a reason not to like a book. Overall, the book was rich in discussion of the paranormal and different takes on it. It highlighted the technology out there for true life ghost hunters and it shows real kids who might be experiencing "things" in their life that they're not abnormal and they can still have friends and participate. I really think you missed the point of the story. Lady Rocquel, I hope you'll give the book a shot.

    Nancy Baker

  4. Hi Nancy,

    My reviews are as simple as a personal opinion. I can honestly say that I didn't hate or love the book. Similar story when I first started reading the House of Night series I didn't like it, but I gave it another chance and now I'm a fan. I also mentioned that I would probably read the second book in The Ghost Huntress Series meaning I did not give up on the series or the author. When I rate a book I use the Goodreads rating scale listed below.

    1 star - didn't like it
    2 star - it was ok
    3 star - liked it
    4 star - really liked it
    5 star - it was amazing