Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to get an autographed book

Are you a book lover?  I would say that I am but if you don't believe me look at my bookshelf.  If the answer is yes then you not only want the latest book, but you also want it autographed. Well when you live in a big city, like I do, or if you have a popular author who makes a tour stop in your city then you don't really have a problem getting your book signed. For the rest of my readers here is an alternative. I have put together a list of authors who provide information on how to buy an autographed copy or can send you a book plate. A book plate is a sticker they mail you with their autograph you can put inside your book. Some authors have agreements with bookstores to provide autographed copies. The sites I have seen do not charge extra for an autograph. If you know of any others send me the link and I can add it to my list. All information is research I have done on my own on authors websites.

Autographed Book:
Richelle Mead works with University Bookstore
Maggie Stiefvater works with Fountain Bookstore, Inc.
Melissa Marr works with Fountain Bookstore, Inc.
Fountain Books also offers an additional list of autograph
Cassandra Clare works with Books of Wonder
Carrie Ryan partners with Park Road Books 
Jeri Smith-Ready works with Constellation Books
Lili Saintcrow works with Cover to Cover
Heather Brewer works with Main Street Books
Laura Kreitzer

Melissa de la Cruz - (see snail mail section)
Cynthia Leitich Smith - (towards the bottom of the page)
Kelley Armstrong
Melissa Marr - search for bookplates is halfway down the page

Also check the authors websites,, and your local bookstores to find events in your area.  That way you get to meet your favorite authors!


  1. There's a bookstore opening up downtown soon. I'll send you the info when I know more. Gotta represent in N. TX! :)

  2. Thanks for the mention! If you check past events, we normally get stock signed for them too. Appreciate it!

  3. Hello Fountain Bookstore and thank you for visiting my blog. Do you have a direct link to the past events or is it just the calendar? What is the best way to check if the store has an autographed copy? I would be glad to add an additional link on this list. Feel free to email me. Thanks, Cari

  4. Bookmarking this! Thanks for telling me about this post Cari!