Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher - New Book

I have heard a lot of buzz about this book.  Some of the people I follow are reading it and when I was at Borders one of the employees stopped me to say how great the book was.  So I gave into peer pressure and bought it. Look how pretty the cover is how could I say no? Also I rationalized it with a Borders 30% off coupon. I’ll let you know how it goes but in the mean time here is a little about the book. Have you read this book? Do you have it on your to read list? Let me know with a comment :)

Imagine a living prison so vast that it contains corridors and forests, cities and seas. Imagine a prisoner with no memory, who is sure he came from Outside, even though the prison has been sealed for centuries and only one man, half real, half legend, has ever escaped.
Imagine a girl in a manor house in a society where time has been forbidden, where everyone is held in a seventeenth century world run by computers, doomed to an arranged marriage that appals her, tangled in an assassination plot she both dreads and desires.
One inside, one outside
But both imprisoned.
Imagine a war that has hollowed the moon, seven skullrings that contain souls, a flying ship and a wall at the world's end.
Imagine the unimaginable.
Imagine Incarceron.

About the author
Catherine has won many awards and much critical acclaim for her work. Her poetry has appeared in leading periodicals and anthologies and her volume Immrama won the WAC Young Writers' Prize. She won the Cardiff International Poetry Competition in 1990. Her futuristic novel Incarceron was published to widespread praise in 2007, winning the Mythopoeic Society of America's Children's Fiction Award and selected by The Times as its Children's Book of the Year. The sequel, Sapphique, was published in September 2008.

Author Website: http://www.catherine-fisher.com

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