Monday, March 22, 2010

Keys to the Repository Cover Revealed

Release June 29, 2010

Melissa revealed this cover on her blog a few days ago and I missed it!  Oh that's right I was sick and Edward insist I stay human.

Here is some info on Keys from Melissa's personal blog:
KEYS TO THE REPOSITORY, a Blue Bloods short story collection, which includes character profiles, a dictionary of terms, and lots of fun stuff, like maps as well as sneak peeks at BB5: Misguided Angel and the new BB spinoff, Wolf Pact.

Source: Melissa's Shopping Diaries

I am also really excited that Wednesday March 24th EW's Shelf Life will be revealing the cover to Misguided Angels, the next in the Blue Blood Series which comes out October 5th 2010.  This on top of the movie news released earlier this month that Au Pair, one of Melissa's earlier series, has been given the green light to start filming.  To say this is a very busy year for Melissa de la Cruz is an understatement.  I just hope that if she tours she makes a stop in Houston.

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  1. ahhhh do you know who's bday is June 29?... me!! hehe so awesome. My bday gift to myself I am guessing (: I can't wait for the next blue bloods book also... and when does the next Richelle Mead book come out?

  2. 05/18/10 Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead it's the day before @mamaseal's birthday