Friday, March 12, 2010

Torment by Lauren Kate - Cover Released

Thank Goodness for Goodreads! 

I am so excited that Goodreads released the cover to Torment by Lauren Kate.  Torment is the follow up to Fallen, one of my few five star reviews.  Look at how beautiful this cover is!  Lauren is a fellow Texan and New York Times Best Selling Author.  I can't wait until September 2, 2010 which is only a day after my birthday.  In the mean time I recommend picking up Fallen.


  1. yeah i am excited about torment! i just wish it would come out a bit earlier. But master pieces take time

  2. i love fallen, wish it would come out sooner, but i can not wait to read torment! cant wait to see what she throws in!!

  3. omg i cant wait until it come out i loved fallen as much as i loved twilight....and i love twilight...cant wait to read it