Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jen Lancaster's My Fair Lazy Book Video

One of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster has posted a book-video about her new book My Fair Lazy which will be released May 4, 2010. The video is really cute and she is so funny. I recommend everyone go out and buy/check out her books! Also I recommend that you follow her blogs she tells the best stories about her life but I'm warning you now, you may laugh out loud. I laugh all the time and my coworkers think I’m crazy or not working.

To Preorder her book: Amazon

Jen’s Website: http://www.jennsylvania.com


  1. I just checked out her site...and you're right. She's hilar! So have you read her other books? I have seen "Bitter is the New Black" but haven't picked it up. Worth it?

  2. So worth it! I have all her books and she will have you cracked up. I love her!