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An Interview with Rachel Caine

     New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author, author of 27 books, contributor to 10 anthologies and published in 14 foreign countries, Rachel Caine is outstanding to say the least. I sat down to interview Rachel after her signing at Murder by the Book in Houston. Rachel was really excited to tell fans that after 20 years she has decided to quit her day job. Rachel is out promoting Kiss of Death, number eight in the Morganville Series, during the first week it made it to number 5 on the New York Times Best Selling Series and 61 on the USA Today List. At the end of May Rachel is headed to the UK for more than 30 events in less than 30 days.

Rachel describes the first time she made it to on the NYT best selling list:
I was in a business meeting at one of those all day conference things. It was the end of the day and I was cleaning up my stuff when I got a phone call. After I passed out and got back up I started screaming. My boss ran in the door freaked out because a few weeks before I had broke my arm in two different places and she was worried about what had happened. My boss played it really cool and the next day I show up and they are having a champagne brunch. They even did a trivia but no one really knew what my books were about so it didn’t go well.
    Writing for adult fiction, romance, paranormal, and young adults you would think this author has it easy. Instead Rachel tells her fans that she is the poster child for never giving up. When she began writing her first books, romance novels, they never really found an audience. She then wrote the Weather Warden a series that is inspired by a college experience. Rachel went to school in Lubbock, TX and remembers standing by a window watching a storm roll into town. The sky looked green and she was just captivated when someone passed by and asked her what she was doing by the window to hurry and get in a stairwell. In the original concept the main character had cancer but the story wasn’t selling so the suggestion was to remove the cancer factor and the story instantly sold.

     With so many books how does one person keep it together? “Love what you do” Rachel says. "I'm not a morning person" said Rachel but she does get up at five because she feels it’s the best writing time. She also loves storytelling and the process in writing a book. Rachel uses her twitter account @rachelcaine to give fans book recommendation. One of her joys is getting long emails from fans where she has to keep scrolling about why they loved her books.

     Recently at the LA Times Festival of Books Rachel spoke on a panel called Blood, Fangs, and Temptation: Everything Vampire with Heather Brewer, Melissa de la Cruz, and Richelle Mead. The Huffington Post reported over 130,000 attended the Festival of Books. Rachel talked about how the fans for each author are so different. For Heather Brewer they were goth, for Melissa de la Cruz they were laid back, for Rachel they were really shy, but for Richelle Mead they were screaming with excitement

     Rachel puts out a Morganville book about every six months the ninth book is Ghost Town and is out October 26th. There will be a total of twelve books in the Morganville Series.

Question time with Rachel Caine

Are you like your characters?
Like Claire I was shy and read a lot

I think I was like Eve when I left college and we didn’t have goth then but if we did I would have been there! I would have wanted to be like Heather Brewer!

Musical taste: Classical all the way until college then I discovered rock. When Rachel writes she listens to classical.

Who is your favorite character?
  • Mernin
  • Shane 
  • Oliver
    Favorite Fan Moment:
    I received an email from a lady who was 22 and said she had never read a book and always avoided them. Her parents use to get her books and she would just move the bookmark around and eventually take them back to the library. Then the electricity went out and she had checked out The Glass House and had been doing the same thing moves the bookmark around but since she had nothing else to do she read the book and loved it. She wrote asking what else she should read. It is amazing how one book when given a chance changed someone’s life.

    Do you feel The Morganville Series can appeal to adults?
    I would say yes because really adults are just afraid that YA is a children’s story. When instead if they give it a chance the age disappears and many don’t have a problem with it. So the key is to give it a chance.

    Do you feel Twilight has had an effect on your book and why?
     I think Twilight has really helped because most people who have read Twilight were left with wanting more so they are trying to find similar books. A blockbuster success always helps. Rachel describes the Twilight effect by using the saying “A rising tide lifts all boats”
    Five Authors Rachel Recommends:
    • Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
    • Heather Brewer
    • Melissa Marr
    • Holly Black
    • Tamera Pierce
    Did you know fans write fan fic?
    Yes I have read a few and even contacted some of the authors.

    My recommendation is to pick up Rachel's books and if she makes a stop near you make sure you go see her. She is really sweet and personalized all eight books I took to the event. For more about Rachel Caine visit:

    Rachel will also be part of the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour:

    September 13th—Tour launches at Book People in Austin, Texas w Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Holly Black, Rachel Caine , & Cassandra Clare 7:00 pm BOOKPEOPLE BOOKSTORE

    September 20th—Vroman’s w Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine, Melissa de la Cruz, & Mary Pearson 6:00 pm VROMANS BOOKSTORE

    September 21st —Mysterious Galaxy w Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Mary Pearson, Rachel Caine, & Carrie Ryan Time & Remote location: Encinitas County Library, 540 Cornish Drive,Encinitas, CA 92024

    See my full blog post here:

    Rachel Caine's Books

    Glass Houses
    The Dead Girls' Dance
    Midnight Alley
    Feast of Fools
    Lord of Misrule
    Carpe Corpus
    Fade Out
    Kiss Of Death
    Ghost Town
    Chill Factor
    Cape Storm
    Gale Force
    The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire
    Thin Air
    Immortal: Love Stories with Bite
    Ill Wind
    Many Bloody Returns

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    1. This is wonderfully written & a really interesting interview! I like that she's so accepting of fanfic - how mindblowing would it be to be contacted by the author you adore? Amazing! I definitely need to check out these books. I'm fairly new to this genre & I feel so behind lol =)

    2. I loved the interview, and her answer to the favorite fan moment was my favorite! She's awesome, I love the Morganville series!!

    3. I am sorry I am so late to stopping by. I have been off for quit a few days here. This is a great interview! :) You had to have a wonderful time talking with Rachel. I am looking forward to getting into Undone and reading the Weather Warden series.