Thursday, June 17, 2010

Deadly Little Games (A Touch Novel)

While searching goodreads I came across the new cover for Deadly Little Games the third book in the Touch Series. I started reading the Touch Series late December of 2009 and was instantly drawn to the characters and to Laurie Faria Stolarz writing style. I have noticed that people have really strong opinions of the series because there are similarities to Twilight. My opinion I love the series and can't wait to read this book. I think the cover for Deadly Little Games fits in well with the previous covers also I like that she is running. Are you a fan? Is this on your to read list? Share your thoughts!

Laurie Faria Stolarz 
Hyperion Books
Release Date: 12/28/10

Amazon Description:

Camelia and Ben have discovered a powerful bond: They both possess the power of psychometry, the ability to sense things through touch. For Ben, the gift is a frightening liability. When he senses a strong threat or betrayal, he risks losing control and hurting people. Camelia's gift is more mysterious. When she works with clay, her hands sculpt messages her mind doesn't yet comprehend.

Before either teen has a chance to fully grasp these abilities, an unresolved family tragedy resurfaces in Camelia's life, irrevocably changing everything she cares about...


  1. Juju: Doesn't it make you want it right now!

  2. I loved the first 2 books and am going crazy waiting for this third book in the series! When I spotted the cover the other day, I was like: YAY! The release date is just that much closer now! ;)

  3. Pssst...I added your button to my scroll at the bottom of my page :)

  4. Amy: This will be a great book to enter the new year with :)

  5. I've read Bleed by Stolarz, which I liked and tried to get into the Blue is for Nightmares series, but it didn't grab me. However, this sounds like an awesome series and I'm definitely going to give it a try!

  6. I honestly can't wait for this series. I was hooked the moment I started reading Deadly Little Secret. I was sad though because I thought this book came out in August-- so now I have to wait another four months to enjoy Deadly Little Games. But on the upside, I love the cover! :)