Monday, July 26, 2010

Book News

Amazing things are happening the book world and I wanted to share some with you.

Last Sacrifice News:

The final cover has been released for Last Sacrifice and it is beautiful.  Many posted an earlier version were the hair was blonde so I thought it must be Lisa but with the brown hair I think Rose.  I am a little sad to see this series end but am looking forward to Richelle's new spin off series.  What are your thoughts?

Vampire Academy Graphic Novel:

We have seen this trend lately where our favorite books are being turned into graphic novels and the next is Vampire Academy.  Now me personally not a manga or graphic novel kind of gal but what are your thoughts?  Is this something you will pick up?  What other graphic novels have you picked up?

Are you ready for the Vampire Academy Movie?  Well the rights have been sold and we can all hope it will be made into a movie soon.  Who would you have play the characters? Richelle Blogs about movie news earlier this month:

Darkest Mercy:

Melissa Marr post tidbits of Darkest Mercy on the Rath and Ruins board.  Another great book and great cover.  I am excited to see what Bananach has been up to.  She is one of my favorite characters, because if anyone can bring destruction bet that it's her!  This is another series that is ending!  What will I do?


Mockingjay News:

Today On Our Minds posted the Mockingjay Book Trailer.  I am so excited for this book!  Scholastic please give us more.  Also have you purchased any Mockingjay Merchandise?  I wore my tee from Hot Topic this weekend.


  1. Oh my gosh! Last Sacrifice has an amazing cover! I can't wait for the Vampire Academy movie either! I've read the two books in Melissa Marr's series, and I have to get the next one at the library. So far, it's a good series! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the Last Sacrifice cover!! Very excited for the movie...The producers really seem to care about the fans. That's what the facebook page is about, they keep asking the fans' opinions. I don't love the artwork on the graphic novel. I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it enough to buy.

  3. Julie: Radiant Shadow and Ink Exchange are my favorite two Melissa Marr books. I love the world she creates :)

    Gee: I am so excited about the Last Sacrifice cover I mean how can you pass it up?

  4. i love the last sacrifice cover to! and the graphic cover is pretty interesting. happy reading Cari!

  5. I love the Last Sacrifice cover! Definitely looks like Rose now. I didn't get the Twilight manga I won't be getting this one either. I can't really picture anyone as Rose (teen actress wise anyway) Dakota Fanning popped into my head for Lissa though, but would she want to do another vamp movie?

  6. I saw your post here that the "blonde" was not the actual final thanks to you I had to change a post! I gave you credit :o)
    Not real interested in the graphic novel...but BRING.ON.THE.MOVIE!!!