Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review of Winter's Passage by Julie Kagawa

Winter's Passage (Iron Fey, #1.5) Winter's Passage by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Winter's Passage is the story of Ash and Meghan’s journey to the Winter Court. In The Iron King Meghan made a deal with Ash that if he helped save her brother she would go willingly to Queen Mab. During the journey something seems to be following them and no matter how much they try they end up facing the big bad.

Before heading to the Winter Court Meghan request to see Puck, and finds him where she last left him. While she may not be able to speak to Puck she does connect with him. While visiting Puck she runs into Grimalkin, the faery cat who helped her in The Iron King.

While in The Winter's Passage Ash slowly demonstrates his affections for Meghan. He calls her by her name and drops the cold icy stare. Ash points out her weaknesses in hopes to give her some survival skills for the time she will spend in the Winter Court. He constantly reminds Meghan that he is third son of the Winter Court and his loyalties lie with Mab. While Meghan is part fey she is driven by her human emotions and stubbornness. She is hoping that Ash’s feelings will save her in the end.

I was afraid that with such a short novella we would not get a full story when in fact Julie Kagawa gives us more than expected. I feel like she is leaving little bits of hints that in the end will put the whole story together. For example Meghan ask about her father and the question is not answered in a direct way leaving me to think that there is more to the story than we have heard. I am counting down the days until August 1st 2010 when The Iron Daughter will be released.

To download a free version of Winter's Passage visit: http://enterthefaeryworld.com/ironfey/


  1. I enjoyed this little novella and I'm glad you did too! I can't for The Iron Daughter to come out!

  2. This looks SO good. I better get to reading :) Great review!

  3. this series sounds fantastic god im missing out on so much right now great review hun =)

  4. Julie it was really good. I am always worried about short stories but this one was great!

    Juju: Have you read the Iron king?

    Blueicegal: It's available for free online but only read it after the iron king.

  5. Okay, so I am running behind in getting to this series. I have Iron King and this one both. I want to read them so badly. But this sounds great to go with the first book. :) Thanks for the review!

  6. Great review! I can't wait for you to read The Iron Daughter. =)