Friday, July 9, 2010

Tell me a Secret Review

Tell Me A SecretTell Me A Secret by Holly Cupala

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tell me a Secret is the story of Miranda, a teenage girl whose life dramatically changes after the death of her older sister Xanda. Miranda’s life spirals out of control without much of a support system. In the darkest moments of her life she finds a reason to be strong. Tell me a Secret will pull at your heart and make you want to hug Miranda.

Miranda always saw her sister Xanda as larger than life. Xanda gave Miranda a nickname of Rand, because it has an edgy ring to it. Xanda was the wild child! She dressed provocatively and would sneek out to meet her boyfriend whom her parents would never approve of. When Xanda did come home she would always smell of cigarettes and alcohol.

One of Miranda’s last memories of her sister is sneaking into Xanda’s room to try on one of her dresses. Xanda catches her, but instead of throwing her out she finds it amusing. Miranda tells her sister she has a secret and Xanda promises to share one with her. Miranda finally tells her that she wants to be just like her. Xanda never shared her secret because she died shortly after.

Miranda’s passion in life is drawing and she hopes to make it a career. After her sister’s dead she was determined to be Rand. At the same time Delany, a new transfer student comes to town and quickly becomes Rand’s friend. Delaney is similar to Xanda and Rand is instantly drawn to her. Rand also meets Kamran a very cute guy who understand her art. Rand seems to be getting a new life all her own inspired by Xanda.

During the summer Rand goes to camp and comes back with her own secret. She tries to find comfort in Delaney and Kamran but instead finds herself alone. Living with her parents after Xanda died felt empty and void of all life. Little does she know that the days of her parents yelling about disappointment are back when they find out that Rand is pregnant. Her mother gives her one choice and Rand choosing not to follow that path leaves her completely alone.

A teenage girl who goes from being lost to becoming a mother is not an easy journey, but one that happens so often in real life. Fans of Sarah Dessen will fall in love with Tell me a Secret! I recommend this to mother and daughter duos because there is so much to learn from this book. Holly Cupala is a first time author and did a remarkable job in telling this story.

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  1. omg Cari what an amazing review very detailed im very curious about this book now it sounds fantastic, it seems to touch upon many issues and im really intrigued, !

    PS good luck on the giveaway everyone and thanks Cari for the opportunity =)

  2. Oh yay I was nervous about writing this one. So much I wanted to share but not give spoilers away.

  3. A book mothers and daughters can enjoy together? What a gift. Super cool recommendation!

  4. Great review Cari! I loved this one. =)

  5. Juju this is one that made me feel like if I was a teen or had a teen I would want to share this experience with her.

    Cynthia: Thanks for being the text when I was working on my review!

  6. Excellent review! I was already drawn in by the preview chapters, but I'm officially hooked! You're right - it really does remind me of Sarah Dessen (who I ADORE)! I can't wait to read this one!