Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Censoring at 2011 Teen Lit Fest in Humble

While going through tweets I saw that New York Times author Ellen Hopkins was uninvited from a Teen Festival, but what made the shock greater was it's happening 20 minutes from me at 2011 Teen Lit Fest in Humble, Texas. Houston is the 6th largest metro area in the US! How can they be so closed minded?  Shock, anger, and embarrassment all crossed my mind.  Shouldn’t the decision on choosing a book fall on the teen and the parents? What one parent might find offensive another might think is a life lesson. As a book lover I normally try to attend all events in my area but this one I won’t be attending. I also know it’s geared towards teens but at the end of the day it’s all about getting kids to read and to raise funds that help the school. What’s really crazy is that Guy Sconzo, the school superintendent, has yet to read Ellen's books. In Ellen's blog she mentions that this went to the school board and they agreed to disinvite her. When this came to light authors Tera Lynn Childs, Melissa de la Cruz, and Matt de la Pena also withdrew from the event. Bottom line they owe Ellen an apology.

The festival was scheduled to have:
Brian Meehl
Tera Lynn Childs
Melissa de la Cruz
Sharon Flake
Matt de la Pena
Todd Strasser

To Contact:
Guy Sconzo
The Humble ISD Board of Trustees 

Read more here:
Ellen Hopkins
Melissa de la Cruz
Tera Lynn Childs
Pete Hautman
Saundra Mitchell

Since the Humble ISD is keeping these books out I'm going to give one away.  Fill out the form telling me how you made a difference.  Tell a coworker, emailing a friend or Humble, tweeting about it and you could win a copy of one of these author's books.  Your choice and I'll send it to you from Book

I'll pick a winner August 25th!


  1. I am so dissappointed and ashamed of Houston since this came up. I heard that Ellen Hopkins got invited to the Austin one in October so I'm definitely going to that one.

  2. You wish stuff like this wouldn't happen anymore, but unfortunately it does and Texas is the worst I mean look at what they've done to the books our kids are already required to read. If I had the patience for home schooling I would do that for Lil Seal.

  3. It's people like Mr. Sconzo that made me completely give up on the public educational system and switch to homeschooling my senior year! This is ridiculous, I thought all the drama over Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling put an end to this kind of censorship in public schools, but I guess not. I'm absolutely appalled that a librarian would be the first to complain about Ellen Hopkins' attendance at the festival, as well! I can tell you, Humble ISD isn't a nice, innocent, school district with overly sheltered children, and Ellen's writing contains nothing that those middle and high school students haven't already been exposed to anyhow!

  4. I agree--Ellen needs an apology!