Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review & Contest: Greek Double Date

Double Date (Greek, #1)Double Date by Marsha Warner

If you have ever wondered about the ABC Family hit show Greek this book is for you!  It gives you a good background on who the characters are and what the show is about.  For those who are die hard fans the book might feel slow because of all the background stories and this book is based on an episode that happened in the past, but it's stll a new story and not just an episode that was turned into a book.  In Double Date Rusty talks his sister Casey into finding his roommate Dale a date for the engineer’s banquet, but Casey can’t find one person to agree to go with Dale so her solution is to go as Dale’s date.  Dale has had a crush on Casey from the first time he saw her and last minute problems move the engineer’s banquet to the night of the All Greek Formal.  Casey’s on and off boyfriend Cappy is also at the engineer’s ball where the two end up spending time together.  Cappy is funny, laid back, hot in a slacker boy sort of way, and hands down my favorite character in Greek.   I found this to be a quick read and something to hold me over until the new season!

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  1. Ooo I bet my sister would love this series.
    (not an entry)

  2. I didn't like this book that much. It was a quick read indeed! ;)