Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review: Crave by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz

Crave by Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz
Rating: 4 of 5

When we first meet Shay she is sick and has accepted the fact that she will die soon. Shay was born with a blood disease that no one has been able to diagnose and or treat. Shay's doctor, turned step father, is convinced that he has discovered a new blood formula that will cure her but Shay has heard that story all her life.

With the new transfusion comes visions of a guy named Gabriel and the feeling she is living part of his life. Shay is no stranger to having blood transfusion and knows these visions and feeling are not normal but she attributes it to being close to the end. With this new blood Shay feels stronger and wants to experience life before it's too late. With each transfusion she can run, swim, and has the energy to finally be a normal. Her family and friends find her new outlook on life as reckless and feel that the newest transfusions are having negative effects on her. Shay also discovers that the latest transfusions wears off a lot quicker and requires more transfusions than before. Shay finds herself craving the next transfusion and the dreams that come with it.

Every vision of Gabriel is set in different times and places. Shay has seen Gabriel as a child, as a young man and later as a vampire. During a transfusion she has a vision of Gabriel in what looks like a very familiar setting and goes to look for him. Finding Gabriel will prove that he is real but in doing so it will puts her life in danger and ultimately change her life forever. Shay has been treated as fragile her whole life but when faced with the unthinkable she finds she is stronger that anyone gives her credit for.

The more you read Crave the deeper that authors Laura and Melissa pull you into the story and when it ends you will CRAVE more! I really enjoyed that CRAVE is a fresh take on a vampire story and that the more you read the more layers you will find. I will be adding ARISE, the sequel to CRAVE, to my to-read list in 2011.

Thank you to Laura and Melinda who provided a copy of Crave for review!


  1. Great review! I love the cover and the whole new take on vampires sounds interesting. =)

  2. This book sounds so amazing! It is definitely a creative take on the vampire craze =) *moves to top of TBR list*

  3. A new take on vampires? Love that! The whole story sounds just too good! I cannot wait to read this one.

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  5. Okay....I am in. I have to go pick this up TODAY.

    Dang Cari, you are going to make me poor with all your good recs. ;)