Saturday, October 30, 2010


Friday on Twitter Rachel Caine leaked a top secret video out of Morganville. Rachel is currently on the run tour for Ghost Town so if she is in your area make sure you stop by and see her!  I tried to get her to give me clues to where Morganville is in Texas, but she wouldn't budge. Enjoy!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Decoded by Jay Z

Decoded, written by Jay Z, will be released on November 16, 2010. and will retail for $35.00 but Amazon has it for 18.90 preorder.  I love Jay Z and see him as a lyrical master when it comes to music, but will that guarantee book sales? I think celebrity books are tricky because book lovers either love them or hate them. On the other hand fans who aren't usually readers might pick up the book and then find themselves wanting more. Will this be on your reading list? I must admit I am interested so this might find a place on my shelf…in January of course since I’m not buying anymore books until the New Year. Although if Jay Z comes to Houston for a book signing I’m there; Houston is Beyonce’s hometown afterall! Review

Jay-Z on Decoded When you're famous and say you're writing a book, people assume that it's an autobiography--I was born here, raised there, suffered this, loved that, lost it all, got it back, the end. But that's not what this is. I've never been a linear thinker, which is something you can see in my rhymes. They follow the jumpy logic of poetry and emotion, not the straight line of careful prose. My book is like that, too.
Decoded is first and foremost, a book of rhymes, which is ironic because I don't actually write my rhymes--they come to me in my head and I record them. The book is packed with the stories from my life that are the foundation of my lyrics--stories about coming up in the streets of Brooklyn in the 80's and 90's, stories about becoming an artist and entrepreneur and discovering worlds that I never dreamed existed when I was a kid. But it always comes back to the rhymes. There's poetry in hip-hop lyrics--not just mine, but in the work of all the great hip-hop artists, from KRS-One and Rakim to Biggie and Pac to a hundred emcees on a hundred corners all over the world that you've never heard of. The magic of rap is in the way it can take the most specific experience, from individual lives in unlikely places, and turn them into art that can be embraced by the whole world. Decoded is a book about one of those specific lives--mine--and will show you how the things I've experienced and observed have made their way into the art I've created. It's also about how my work is sometimes not about my life at all, but about pushing the boundaries of what I can express through the poetry of rap--trying to use words to find fresh angles into emotions that we all share, which is the hidden mission in even the hardest hip-hop. Decoded is a book about some of my favorite songs--songs that I unpack and explain and surround with narratives about what inspired them--but behind the rhymes is the truest story of my life.

Decode on Amazon

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Misguided Angel Book Trailer

Blue Blood Fans,

How suspenseful is this book trailer?!? Who could it be sitting in the chair? I am hoping it's Mimi, but that's because I'm not a fan of hers. Then again it could be Allegra since she is awake now. What are your thoughts? 

Misguided Angel is in stores now!  Melissa is on tour now so check her website for dates and cities!

No spoilers for those of us who haven't read the book yet. - Thanks!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Paranormalcy

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
4 of 5 Stars

Paranormalcy’s main character Evie has all the fun lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while being super girly and obsessed with all things pink. In Paranormalcy the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA) is a human government agency in charge of tracking all paranormals to keep humans safe. Only paranormal creatures can use glamour or appearances that hide what they really are making humans easy prey. Evie is the only known human who can see through any glamour making her the best person to find then.

Evie was found as a child in a park and was passed around foster homes until IPCA realized what she could do and took her in. Evie’s boss Raquel is more like a mom, Lish her best friend is a mermaid, and the guy who dazzles her is faerie. Being IPCA’s top employee doesn’t excuse her from school work no matter how hard Evie tries.

Most paranormals avoid IPCA until a shape shifter named Lend, breaks in looking for answers about something hunting paranormals. Evie is the one who stops him when he breaks in, but while seeking answers as to why he broke in, she finds herself getting to know him as a person instead of a prisoner. Lend has a lot of things Evie really wants like a normal life and a family. While IPCA tries to figure out why paranormals are dying things get worse and Evie starts to lose those closest to her but in the middle of all the chaos she finds herself falling for Lend. The fact that Evie’s only experience with boys is from what she sees on TV makes it that much sweeter.

When the killer arrives at IPCA Evie disobeys IPCA protocol in order to save Lend. A choice that will require her to leave the life she has known and start over. Paranormalcy is the first novel for author Kiersten White and debuted on the New York Best Sellers list. Paranormalcy is a fun and refreshing take on the paranormal. I can’t wait to see what Kiersten writes next!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can I go 2 months without buying books?

 I realized that the year is almost over! I mean we are two months away from 2011 how crazy is that? During 2010 we have had some amazing books come out like Linger, Radiant Shadows, Mockingjay, Spirit Bound, The Body Finder, and so many more. I went to some amazing author events like Harper Teen Supernatural Summer Tour, Smart Chicks Kick it Tour, The Texas Book Festival, Maggie Stiefvater's first time in Houston and well let's face it if there was an author event in Houston I was there.

So as the end of the year approaches I have lost track of how many books I have purchased and yes it's that many. So Sunday I came up with the idea that besides books I needed for signings and Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead I would not buy anymore books until 2011. I mean if I can't go 60+ days without buying books I think it might say something about me. If you are wondering how can I be a book reviewer and not buy new books, well just look at my bookshelf! I realized I had over 100 books that have not been read. So I reached out to my Twitter friends and told them about my brilliant plan and said who is with me! First crickets, then rumbling about how that sounds impossible, and then a few stepped forward and agreed to try it with me!


I was very excited about my plan!

It felt great to have a plan that meant saving some money which would could mean more book trips in 2011.

Hey and it can't be crazy if a few twitter friends were on board! Right?

Then I remembered I needed one book for the Melissa de la Cruz signing on November 4th and there are two bookstores right down the street from my job. So why not just drive by and check it out.

Store 1: So many books on clearance and books I have never seen in the clearance section! I was determined to only get the book I was looking for and they didn't have it.  Then I remembered I was also going to see Rachel Caine! So it wouldn't hurt if I checked to see if there were any of her books and I was in luck! They had two!!! So I got them and since they are for signings that isn't breaking the rules. Right?

Store 2: I go again looking for my Melissa de la Cruz book in hardback and they don't have it! Even though I could have sworn I had seen it there before. I know I should have walked out but again I said hey maybe they have a Rachel Caine book I am missing. Just my luck I found two more books I needed and they had a 25% off coupon! So yes I got those too.

So my first attempt at not buying books lasted 29 hours.

Now I am going to see Rachel Caine so I know I am buying her latest book which is required to get in the signing line and then I'm also getting one other book. Well how often do authors come to visit? After Rachel Caine I'm only going to see Melissa de la Cruz, maybe Condoleezza Rice, and Alex Debogorski the Ice Road Trucker! After that all I need is Last Sacrifice and I am done! Everything else can wait until 2011...I hope!

So here is my pledge:
  • Only books for signings
  • Free books are ok
  • Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
  • Books as gifts or purchased for contest giveaways

So you are asking yourself what if I break the rules. Well I came up with a plan for that too! For every book that I buy not related to a signing or Last Sacrifice I have to give away two of my books from home to my local library. If you know me you know that I love my books and giving them away is extremely hard.

So bloggers and friends can you do it? Again I ask WHO IS WITH ME?!?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Safe Haven

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
3 of 5 Stars

Safe Haven is Nicholas Sparks 17th book and the second mystery he has written. Safe Haven is about Katie, a girl who runs from her abusive husband Kevin to the small town of Southport North Carolina. Katie is reluctant to settle into anything permanent fearing her husband will find her. Katie’s husband comes off as arrogant, obsessive compulsive and twists religion to suit his extreme way of seeing the world. Katie fears that she will be running her entire life because no matter how much she tries he will find her.

While in Southport she meets Alex, a store owner and single farther. He notices Katie and how troubled she is and tries to reach out to her. He starts with small talk about the store and asks her if there’s anything she needs but she keeps shutting him out. Eventually it is Alex’s two kids who bond with Katie, making it possible for her to trust Alex. And just as Katie is beginning to get use to Southport her past shows up and threatens to destroy it all.

The story is told from Katie, Kevin, and Alex’s point of view. During the story Katie changes her name which can make some parts confusing because she is called by two names. Katie also mentions sinning and religion which in my opinion the book could have done without.

Safe Haven felt jumbled at times and I didn’t feel I could connect enough with Katie’s character. The love story just didn’t really feel real or as the same intensity as Spark’s previous works. While I liked the story I must say this is not one of Nicholas Sparks best works.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bite Club by Rachel Caine

While on I stumbled across the stunning new cover for Bite Club, the 10th book in The Morganville Vampire series.  Bite Club is not schedule for released until April of 2011 but on October 26th, 2010 we can look forward to Ghost Town, book 9 in The Morganville Vampire series.  If you haven't started this series I suggest you drop everything and pick up a copy of The Glass House or better yet win a copy on the contest tab.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jackson Pearce on Book Piracy

For those who aren't familiar with Jackson Pearce she is the author of Sister's Red and has a great site where she posts video blogs also known as Vlogging and she is on a mission to do 30 videos in 30 days. One of the topics she covers is Book Piracy, you know that nasty little habit of illegally downloading ebooks. So promise to never download illegally and enjoy Jackson's video.

For more on Jackson visit:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Cresendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Crescendo (Hush, Hush #2) by Becca Fitzpatrick
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Some Spoilers
At the beginning of Cresendo life is good Patch and Nora are dating but then Nora tells Patch how she feels about him and he turns into a completely different guy. PATCH!!!!!!! I really enjoyed that Cresendo has plenty of mystery and even some humor. Nora gets herself in plenty of trouble trying to investigate those who hold secrets from her but gets caught most of the time. Nora starts having visions of her father and she isn’t sure if it’s his ghost or some hallucination. As the story goes on Nora finds out that Patch could have been the cause of her father’s death. As if things couldn’t get any worse Patch starts going out with Marcy, whose mission in life is to make Nora’s life a living hell. Nora finds it hard to let go of Patch and wants to find out if he is really over her.

In Cresendo secrets are revealed and a lot of questions are answered. Becca Fitzpatrick does a great job of making you cry, yell, and get angry. If an author can have that affect on you I think she has done a great job but when you get invested in the characters I find it hard to loose them. In the end I don’t think Patch can make amends for everything he did in Cresendo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Contest

Happy Halloween Readers!

October has been a busy month with banned book week, the release of so many great books, and now Halloween is right around the corner.  To celebrate I am giving you treats from two of my favorite authors.  Kimberly Derting, author of The Body Finder sent me some great autographed swag to give away.  (Thanks Kim!)  I am also giving one lucky winner a copy of The Body Finder,which is opened internationally if Book Depository ships to you.  Also Rachel Caine will be in Houston soon promoting Ghost Town and one lucky reader will get The Glass House, book one in the Morganville Series, signed by Rachael!

  • Entries must be via Google Form
  • Contest ends October 31st at 12:00 AM CST
  • Three prizes = Three winners
  • If author cancels event prizes will change
  • You can only enter once. If you are not sure if you already entered email or tweet me I'll check.
  • Click here to see if Book Depository ships to your country

Open to All:
The Body Finder via

US and Canada Only:
Autographed The Body Finder Poster and Swag
Glass House (Morganville Series) autographed

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Release Date: Oct 12, 2010

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Beautiful Darkness is completely amazing! Any girl would be crazy not to run away with Ethan! Beautiful Darkness picks up shortly after Beautiful Creatures ends and is still told from Ethan’s point of view. As Lena deals with the aftermath of all that's happened she finds herself changing and pulls away from Ethan. Instead of isolating herself Lena becomes close with her cousin Riley. Riley is a siren and dark caster and she is the definition of trouble and brings along John Breed who is capable of causing as much trouble as Riley.

As Lena let’s herself fall deeper and deeper into the darkness, Ethan is fighting to save her and will stop at nothing to get her back. I love that in Beautiful Darkness we learn more about the families and how they join together to help Ethan save Lena. The aunts give Ethan Lucille Ball, a cat, who will play a big part in Ethan’s search. Ethan’s childhood nanny Amma uses the spirit to help him on more than one occasion. I was so frustrated with Lena for simply wanting to give up and accept she belonged with the dark side of her family.

Beautiful Darkness flows very smoothly and the more you read the further you are submerged into the caster world. I also really enjoyed the side stories and the history that unravels through out the pages. There were many times when my heart broke for Ethan and I just wanted to reach out and hug him. Beautiful Darkness ended with a few unanswered questions and of course a cliff hanger that will keep you wondering what will come next! If you are a skeptic about this book I say give it a chance and you will find yourself mesmerized.

Authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl are on tour now. Check to see if they are stopping by you. I met both during the Smart Chicks Kick It tour and they are very entertaining so if you get a chance go out and support them. I am also really excited to see them at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, TX.

For more on Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness visit:

Beautiful Darkness Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered!  I am so excited to announce the winners of the two prizes.

Beautiful Darkness Book: jennelle s (sablelexi)

Beautiful Darkness Poster: Myra C

Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to reply with a mailing address or a new winner will be picked.  Kami and Margaret are on tour now so check to see if they are stopping by your town.  I will be at the Texas Book Festival with Cynthia from A Blog about Nothing and hopefully meeting up with my Texas Blogger friends so if you are going shoot me an email or tweet!

Thank you to everyone who entered and check back tomorrow for another great contest!  Contest winners were chosen via

P. S. It's midnight here in Texas so I'll be emailing you in the morning :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Darkness Book Trailer

I'm currently reading Beautiful Darkness and this video captures the book so perfectly.  VLC Productions makes the best book trailers and I think this one is spectacular.  Don't forget to enter the contest where I am giving away a copy of Beautiful Darkness and an autographed poster.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Priceless by Nicole Richie

Priceless by Nicole Richie

Rating: 4 of 5

Charlotte is your typical socialite we all read about in the papers who have spoiled lives and live to shop and party. Charlotte’s mother died when she was seven and only has her father, who gives her the world but is never around. Charlotte is back in New York after her father sent her to Paris for a year because she burned down a building at Yale. There was nothing her father couldn’t make go away by throwing money at the situation.

Just as Charlotte is getting back to life in New York she discovers that her father has been arrested for embezzlement and fraud. Charlotte quickly becomes a target for all the people her father allegedly stole from and finds that someone wants to kill her in order to make her father pay. Everything moves quickly as the FBI freezes her accounts and begins to seize everything they own. With no family other than her father and the city becoming hostile she decides to go to New Orleans to find her former nanny Millie. Millie lives in New Orleans with her grown son Jackson who despises Charlotte since Millie left him as a young boy to be Charlotte’s nanny.

New Orleans allows Charlotte a fresh start but things do not come easy. When she goes to sell a few of her clothes she meets Kat an eccentric fashionista who quickly becomes her friend. Kat even helps Charlotte find a job in her dad’s restaurant. Only Charlotte realizes that shopping and partying have not made her a very skillful worker and ends up washing dishes.

When Kat finds out that Charlotte can sing Kat takes her to a jazz club and announces that Charlotte will be singing. An amusing twist of fate puts Charlotte on stage with Millie’s son Jackson. Charlotte surprises everyone with her talents and Jackson is forced to see her in a new light. Life would be good if it wasn’t for Charlotte’s stalker who followed her to New Orleans and is sending her threatening messages about how he plans to kill her.

Charlotte begins to play with Jackson’s band and finds that she loves being on stage. With Jackson and Charlotte as a team they find a combination of work and love that the music scene can’t ignore and they are quickly requested in Hollywood. Only where ever Charlotte goes her stalker isn’t far behind and is determined to kill her. While in Los Angeles Charlotte finds out that she could return to her old life or find her own path.

I found Priceless to be a great book. I really liked the character development and how Charlotte grows from beginning to end. Aside from Charlotte one of my favorite characters was Kat and I can really see a book based on her character. The only faults I found were a few phrases that I felt were jumbled and I had to reread a few sentences to figure out what the characters meant. I also wish we had seen some closer with her father but like in life not everything gets wrapped up in a pretty little bow. I also can see this being turned into a movie and would recommend this book to all!

Thanks to Simon & Schuster for providing a review copy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful Darkness Giveaway

During Smart Chicks Kick It I met the wonderful authors of Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness. I mentioned to them that I was a book blogger and I was giving away a copy of Beautiful Creatures so they asked if I wanted a poster to giveaway. I wasn't sure if you would want a signed poster so I thought about it for 10 seconds and said yes!  Since Kami and Margie are kind enough to provide a poster I'm giving away a copy of Beautiful Darkness!

Contest Details:

  • Beautiful Darkness is a pre-order from so if they ship to you then you can enter!
  • Signed poster and swag will only be for those in the US.
  • If you are in the US you can check both prizes but you can only win once.  So if I draw the name for the book and you win then draw the poster and you win I will pick another name.  That way at least two people win a prize.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Must provide link if you spread the word.
  • Entries must be via google form
  • Contest Ends: October 12

Winner of Speak Loudly Contest

The winner of the Speak Loudly contest is Amanda!

Winners are notified via email and have 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be picked. Thanks to everyone who entered and check back later today for a new contest!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Melissa Marr discusses her Wicked Lovely series

Fans of the Wicked Lovely Series check out author Melissa Marr talking about the Wicked Lovely Series. I am so excited for Darkest Mercy.

For more videos visit: HarperTeen's YouTube Channel

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Reading List

So here is my schedule of what I plan to read this month. Feel free to join me and then we can discuss. Also I am always up for taking recommendations. If you check my blog often you will find I add and remove books just depending on my moods. Happy reading!

Currently Reading: