Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Priceless by Nicole Richie

Priceless by Nicole Richie

Rating: 4 of 5

Charlotte is your typical socialite we all read about in the papers who have spoiled lives and live to shop and party. Charlotte’s mother died when she was seven and only has her father, who gives her the world but is never around. Charlotte is back in New York after her father sent her to Paris for a year because she burned down a building at Yale. There was nothing her father couldn’t make go away by throwing money at the situation.

Just as Charlotte is getting back to life in New York she discovers that her father has been arrested for embezzlement and fraud. Charlotte quickly becomes a target for all the people her father allegedly stole from and finds that someone wants to kill her in order to make her father pay. Everything moves quickly as the FBI freezes her accounts and begins to seize everything they own. With no family other than her father and the city becoming hostile she decides to go to New Orleans to find her former nanny Millie. Millie lives in New Orleans with her grown son Jackson who despises Charlotte since Millie left him as a young boy to be Charlotte’s nanny.

New Orleans allows Charlotte a fresh start but things do not come easy. When she goes to sell a few of her clothes she meets Kat an eccentric fashionista who quickly becomes her friend. Kat even helps Charlotte find a job in her dad’s restaurant. Only Charlotte realizes that shopping and partying have not made her a very skillful worker and ends up washing dishes.

When Kat finds out that Charlotte can sing Kat takes her to a jazz club and announces that Charlotte will be singing. An amusing twist of fate puts Charlotte on stage with Millie’s son Jackson. Charlotte surprises everyone with her talents and Jackson is forced to see her in a new light. Life would be good if it wasn’t for Charlotte’s stalker who followed her to New Orleans and is sending her threatening messages about how he plans to kill her.

Charlotte begins to play with Jackson’s band and finds that she loves being on stage. With Jackson and Charlotte as a team they find a combination of work and love that the music scene can’t ignore and they are quickly requested in Hollywood. Only where ever Charlotte goes her stalker isn’t far behind and is determined to kill her. While in Los Angeles Charlotte finds out that she could return to her old life or find her own path.

I found Priceless to be a great book. I really liked the character development and how Charlotte grows from beginning to end. Aside from Charlotte one of my favorite characters was Kat and I can really see a book based on her character. The only faults I found were a few phrases that I felt were jumbled and I had to reread a few sentences to figure out what the characters meant. I also wish we had seen some closer with her father but like in life not everything gets wrapped up in a pretty little bow. I also can see this being turned into a movie and would recommend this book to all!

Thanks to Simon & Schuster for providing a review copy.


  1. Great review! I actually feel like I want to read this one. =)

  2. With the character development, it does sounds great. Asides from some minor faults it does sounds like a book I want to read someday. Great review Cari!

  3. I want to read this one too. Do you think she really wrote it?

  4. Hi Autumn: I actually do think she wrote it. I also see a lot of her in the relationship between the Charlotte and her dad. Nicole seems to be close to Lionel. :)

    Thanks Nina I hope you pick it up.

    Cynthia: Yay I know your not a big fan of reality stars becoming writers so I would say this would be a good pick for you :)

  5. Great review!
    I'm still on the fence but I enjoyed your thoughts :)

  6. I'm a new follower!!! Hi!!! *waves*

    I for one never realized Nicole Richie had her own novel out but the cover alone leaves me wanting more! Great review and I'm definitely going to have to check it out!

  7. HI Jen! I love new followers :) ::Excited wave:: Honestly I had no idea that Nicole was a writer before the book either, but I am glad I found it and read it. I agree the cover is really nice and I like the author picture of her on the back. I hope you like my blog and visit often.


  8. I'm always a bit hesitant to read a book by a celebrity, but this one sounds like an interesting book. Plus I kind of really Nicole Richie so I might give this book a chance.

  9. I want to read this one - it sounds like fun!

    I've always liked Nicole - this is her second book. I haven't read the first one, though.

  10. I'm always wary when celebs try to become authors, so I was really curious to see what you would think of this book. I'm really excited to hear that it turned out well! The characters sound really fun, and I love the rock band aspect of it =)

  11. Anything inappropriate for a 12 yr old, 6th grade girl to read?

    1. It's been four years since I read it but I don't recall anything adult. It's mostly about Charlotte finding out who she is.