Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Evolution of my Blog

This post is about the evolution of how my blog came to be. As many of you might know I never intended to be a book blogger it just sort of happened when my thoughts about books were longer than the 140 characters allowed on twitter.

Friends encouraged me and I think I had 11 views my first month. If you go back and visit my very first blog posts they were written more like notes to my friends and my reviews were tiny.

Over time I have received emails or random comments on how I created this or that for my blog and sometimes I even receive requests to help freshen up a blog. I’m not sure if many bloggers get these types of emails (fellow bloggers please let me know if you do get similar requests, I’d like to know I’m not alone on this) and in the beginning I was flattered and happy to help if I could, but now that I’m posting reviews nearly every day I just don’t have as much free time as I did before.

Here are some of the top questions and comments I receive:

I don't have time to do my blog and I don't know how. Will you do it for me?

I try not to be insulted that the requester has no time but I should. Along the way I have given tips on how to create this or that but with a fulltime job, trying to read books on my free time and keeping my own blog fresh there isn't much extra time. I will say you know you are wrong if you ask the same question every few months because you didn't save the instructions. Also give credit to those who have helped you along the way.

Well who taught you to do that?

I get this quite a bit and the answer is simple no one. I do have some experience in html, xml, and vba but my best friend has been Google and having an idea of what I want my blog to look like. Most weekends I search for blog add ons or cool blogger tricks. I pick and choose what I like and I try it out.

I am afraid of breaking my blog!

Oh and if you are wondering yes I have broken my blog many times but I always back up data before I start. If you aren't comfortable experimenting with your blog create a second one to play in. Also Blogger has improved its layouts and templates dramatically and there is nothing wrong with using those.

I want my blog to look just like yours!

This is similar to your bff saying I want your exact hair style or shows up wearing the dress you told her you were going to wear on the very same day. Flattering yes but you wish they would pick a look that says them and not a copy of you.

Your blog looks so cute!

Why Thank You! It hasn't always looked like what you see today. I have gone from two columns to three and for a moment thought of one column but changed my mind, I added flash items and then wanted a cleaner looks so removed a bunch of items.  I did how ever know that pink, black, and white would be my theme colors and that hasn't changed too much. A blog takes a lot of dedication and long hours. I’ve pulled out my old wallpapers, logos, and buttons to show you the transformation my blog has gone through in just one year!

Here’s a trip down memory lane…

Original Background

Background 2

The logo also went from:

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3

The buttons:
Button one

Button 2


Simply put this blog has been a lot of work and has changed often from it’s inception.


  1. People have actually asked you to do it for them? LOL No way!


    I agree on the "looking just like you thing" part too. ;)

    Great post!

  2. oh wow i found the will you do it for me question very rude, lol i don't know what the individual is really trying to say, if you can't be bothered building up your blog yourself why should someone else, asking politely always helps :) i have a helping hand form to keep it nice and simple and to avoid any random questions and actually get some background on the individual, i have always been a fan Cari :) It was nice going down memory lane along with you

  3. Great post! I completely agree with you about wanting your own look for your blog. I'm also guilty of breaking my blog a lot but thankfully I have a friend that knows all the html crap and helps me fix it! ;)

  4. Um I just realized my new look for my blog looks very similar to yours, and I just want to say that I DID NOT DO THAT ON PURPOSE lol. Seriously. I played around with A LOT of backgrounds & creating my own header before I settled on the one I did. I guess great minds think alike? ;-)

    Do people really ask you to do their blog for them & then proceed to say they don't have the time? Seriously? If you don't "have the time" to make your blog your own - then what the crap are you even blogging for??!! That baffles me.

    I know for myself - every thing is trial & error. I do A LOT of googling when I want to know how to add something to my blog. You'd be surprised at how many people are out there with the same questions & answers!

    I was like you, before I started my book blog - I had my own personal blog (still do). But I decided to create a separate one simply for book blogging. My family & close friends got tired of always reading about my books, haha.

  5. Juju: You do have awesome headers and buttons!

    Blueicegal ♥ : Oh awesome I have always thought that from the beginning I was blogging for an audience of 2 or 3 so it's nice to hear that someone else has seen my blog from the beginning. I love your blog buttons but know I will totally fight you for Jace ;)

    Cynthia: LOL I can't picture you freaking out about breaking your blog.

    Ginger I think trial and error is the best way. OMG you wore the beige and black dress when I'm wearing my black and white dress. (STOMPS FOOT) LOL

  6. LOL! I hear you on all accounts! :) I completely understand the trying to keep up with the blog and running out of time. It is a hard thing to do and yes some times you just have to deal with life first. But this is for fun, and if you want to do it you make time for it. :) But you are right on with all the answers.

    Congrats on the growth of the blog. :)

  7. Melissa: I'm sure you also get these questions. I agree with you that life comes first. Thanks!