Monday, November 15, 2010

Real Book vs. EBook

Last night after The Amazing Race but before Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Road and The Real Housewives of Atlanta um yes I am addicted to reality tv show but that's not the point. I was flipping channels and landed on QVC where they were talking about Velocity Micro eReader and it was 179 on 5 easy payments.
Velocity Micro eReader
I quickly sent a gchat message to MamaSeal, editor/techie/friend, what did she think about this eReader, all while looking for my credit card. Now I have said it 5 million times that I am a book person and I love real books. I love collecting foreign edition covers, and I even have multiple copies of books. (Like 12 10 combined copies of Linger and Shiver. I totally love Maggie Stiefvater. Maggie, if you are reading this I'll say it again you are awesome!) So do I really need an eReader? The most obvious answer is no but QVC can sell me just about anything! So Mamaseal comes back with all these reviews which I really don't want to read and ask her to just give me the bottom line and of course she says no. Boo put the credit card away.

So my questions to you is are:
Are you a Book Lover?
Do you have an eReader?
Do you find yourself buying a Hardback, paperback, and ecopy of the same book?
What do you do with all your fancy bookmarks now?
Will you ever really give up buying real books?
How do you get autographs on your ebooks when the authors come to town?
Is an eReader really better?

PS If you ever want to impulse buy don't ask Mamaseal unless it’s shoes then call her and she will talk you into needing more pairs!


  1. First of all, I absolutely LOVE Deadliest Roads!! :)

    I got a Kindle last year but I mainly got it for adult books because I am not as attached to those. (I keep telling myself this was the reason so I don't kick myself for spending so much money!)

    BUT, recently it has come in handy for review requests and NetGalley. I still buy books, especially if the price is close to, or the same as the paperback/hardback version of the book. I'll never stop buying real books. I'm too in love with pretty covers :) And it's much easier to just pick up a book, in my opinion. I am also a fan of bookmarks and my husband doesn't seem to understand why I need 30 bookmarks when I only read one at a time. Isn't it obvious?!? Men! Anyways, I've never been to an author signing but if it came down to it, I'd totally make them sign my Kindle, haha :)

    Overall, I'm happy I have my ereader because I have been in situations where I really wanted to review a book and it was only available in ebook form. Plus, I still have adult books I read and those I don't mind only having in ebook form. The Kindle is great and since I shop with Amazon often, it was the best choice for me. BUT I'm so mad that I bought it about 3 months before the price drop! GRR! Oh and sometimes they have some pretty cool free ebooks!

    Hope that helps :)

  2. I adore my eReaders! I have a Kindle and an iPad and I love both senseless! I looovee being able to just click and read a book instantly - not having to wait for the post to arrive. I love having so many books on my eReaders so I can simply choose what to read next - wherever I am.
    And I find myself buying even more books right now. I have the eCopy because I absolutely prefer reading on my eReader, but if a book really grabs me - I buy the hardcover too.

    Specially for signings I always buy the hardcover to get it signed. I love having beautiful book sitting on my shelf just for me to stare at it, but I absolutely prefer reading eCopies.

    Plus, (like Jessica said) NetGalley offers incredible good books and there an eReader is just perfect!

    I'm curious if you buy one and then I'm super curious if you like it :))

  3. HAHA. I loved this post. I just got a Kindle back in September and I LOVE it. I can bring it with me wherever I go, I can read with one hand if Win has fallen asleep in my lap, and I download all kinds of free e-books from Amazon (they're not always the BEST books, but you can actually get some for free-for-a-limited-time and I've gotten several pretty good ones...also, many of the classics are free like all of Austen's). However, I will never quit buying books. There's just something about a brand new hardback. But, I see this as replacing all those crappy paperbacks I buy on a whim in Walmart and end up donating to the library or selling for a dime in a garage sale. :)

    The new Kindle is now $139. If you decide to buy, I have an Amazon Associate account, so please go through me (<--shameless plug).

  4. Danny and Jessica: You make a good point on the e-galleys. I think that would make me purchase one.

    Jessica: I like the idea about buying adult books as ebooks.

    LOL Lele

  5. I LOVE books.
    I LOVE my eReader.
    I prefer hardbacks but also adore my Kindle.
    I save my fancy bookmarks or suggest you hold cool giveaways for them.
    Give up real books? NO WAY JOSE ;)
    If I really love a book, I buy a hardcover for signing.
    Between free Kindle reads and NetGalley, I almost never pay for my eBooks. I LOVE it.

  6. Jessica how awesome would it be to hang with Lisa!!! I want to go to Alaska to be on the Tundra!

  7. Juju: You have a good point! I wish I could take one for a test drive without the B&N people hoovering.

  8. I am like you, I've always been a book person. When I am done reading it, it then becomes like a piece of art on my bookshelf. I love adding to my art collection :-)

    My dad just recently offered his Nook to me to try out. I thought about it, but deep down I think I'm scared of actually LIKING it and losing my interest in actual books. That terrifies me!! lol

  9. Ginger!

    We like the same books and have the same fear of ebook readers! We must be long lost sisters!!!

  10. I have a Kobo, which my Dad bought me for my birthday. I didn't even ask for one or anything, we had just been talking about eReaders a lot, and he got me won. So yay, lucky me!

    I've really enjoyed eReading... it's been great to actually get ARCs through NetGalley, since I'm a new blogger and probably wouldn't be willing to request hardcopies for a while. I've also bought a few books that are hard to find in print but are available in eBook form. Plus because the Kobo can take ePub as well as PDF, I can download books from the library.

    Unless eBook prices go down and DRM issues get resolved with who can share which books and for how long, etc, etc I think I'm more likely to buy "real" books for the time being. But I really like having the eReading option, and I think it's a good solution to bringing a lot of books with you at once when you don't want to carry a suitcase full.

  11. Ashley,

    What a great dad! Net Galley is pretty awesome about review books and I loose focus when I try to read them online. On review books I waited almost a year before requesting books. I was scared.

    I don't travel much so that part isn't an issue for me ;)

  12. First of all, I am so very happy that you didn't by that e-reader. I can already see that that reader is back lit and therefore cannot be read outside and is very bad on your eyes. If you're going to get an e-reader you should get one that has e-ink. It is literally like looking at a book page. As far as I know, the only e-reader to have that is Nook by B&N. Because of my job, I have to know and compare several types of e-readers and thus far Nook is superior in many ways.

    Now to answer your questions.

    1) Of course I love mean some people don't? ;)

    2)I do not own an e-reader. I plan to buy a Nook for both me and my sister by Christmas of next year. With Nook you can register up to 5 Nooks on the same account. That means every book I buy, my sister can read on hers and vice-versa. We read the same books, so this is a big advantage for us.

    3)I was concerned that I would end up buying multiple copies of the same book. But I find that I will likely only buy a physical copy if it's signed.

    4) I only have one fancy Bookmark and I guess I'll save that for books that I can't download.

    5) Recently Brad Thor said that at one of his book signings he signed several Nooks and Kindles. I don't know about Kindle, but with Nook you can get different colored and changeable backs, and some people use different backs for signings.

    6) Whether an e-reader is better then an actual book just depends on the person. If you travel or have limited space, Nook holds up to 1500 books and Archives an unlimited number. If you need larger print books, Nook has adjustable font. If you want cheap books, digital books are always cheaper then the physical copy. If you want to be able to buy books where ever/ whenever, Nook offers Wi-fi and 3G service. So, it just depends on if you really need it or not.

    My personal opinion: I was against e-readers for along time. Don't take my books! My sweet and wonderful pages! I felt that way even though nearly everyone at work owns a Nook, seriously. But now, I'm seeing the advantages to having one. I like the idea of buying Clockwork Angel and instantly my sister gets a copy in her Nook. We'll be able to read together and it wont cost her a thing (great since she's soon to be a mother). B&N also launched their new e-pub for those who wish to publish their books without a major publishing house and that's how I intend to publish some of my own work. I was also able to test Nook for several weeks and found that it was pretty nice buying Paranormalcy while I made pancakes. Then again, I was given unlimited free downloads while I had Nook lol. That was awesome.

    If you're going to remember anything that I've said so far, remember this: Buying an e-reader is like buying a computer. Research and compare all the brands before you shell out the dough.

  13. I agree with Lindsay on the e-Ink Technology, this is a must have.

    But not only the Nook has it - most of the eReaders use e-Ink.
    Plus, the new Kindle has even an advanced version where the contrast is amazing compared to the older model.

    The Sony Reader also uses e-Ink and many people use it and are happy with it.

    I personally have a Kindle, mainly because I buy most of my stuff on amazon anyway. But I have to admit I love the style from the Nook. Just, it's not as easy to buy US books when you live in another country which is why I settled with amazon.

  14. I love reading books and waited as long as possible to get an ereader. I finally only caved in because I was going on a long vacation and didn't have room in my bag for 7+ books :) And I have to admit, I do love it. I got the Nook by Barnes&Noble. It has it's issues--don't get any of the anthologies because all three of the ones I bought locked up on me when I opened them multiple times. Otherwise, it's a great device. You can get books for a LOT cheaper than you can in a store. A new book that was $25+ in hardback form was only $8 in electronic form. I still will never give up buying or reading paper books, but this was a worthwhile investment especially for vacations.