Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 most fascinating authors of 2010

I thought I would borrow Barabara Walters’s style and mention my top 12 authors of 2010. I loved reading so many books written by so many great authors this past year but I narrowed it down to the 12 who really stood out.

Maggie Stiefvater: Maggie brought us back to Mercy Falls were Sam and Grace are still in love and once again she told a beautiful story.

Kimberly Derting: Kimberly makes the list for her books The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead which will be released in 2011 they’re both fantastic novels. I always forget that The Body Finder is Kim’s first published novel. She is so amazing, funny, and I wish her lots of time on the best sellers list.

Kate Kaynak: Kate writes for a small publishing house but her books really pack a punch. You might not see Minder on the shelves of the big book stores, but I guarantee if you buy this book you will fall in love.

Jen Lancaster: I am not a big reader of nonfiction memoirs except when it comes to Jen. She is funny, snarky, and laugh out loud funny. Jen Lancaster was the first author signing I attended and I was so nervous. She of course was really sweet and last year when I saw her again I told her how much I loved her book and got to chat with her a bit.

Rachel Caine: Rachel is a Texas author who has the long running series Morganville Vampires. Woohoo Texas!! Morganville is set here in Texas and she has a way of keeping you hooked over nine books and more to come.

Duo Rachel Cohn and David Levithan: I had never read a book by Rachel and David until Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and let me tell you I was missing out. I loved Dash and Lily so much that after reading it I found it was hard to find another book I loved as much. I will frantically start collecting all the books they have written.

Simone Elkeles: Simone writes beautiful books about bad boys who change for a girl they would never date. The boys are so much likes those I have dated in the past but only they never changed. She also has lovely endings to her books and lots of kissing!

Melissa de la Cruz: Melissa by far has the most secrets and details in her stories than anyone I have ever read. She gave me Jack Force for which I am grateful and Mimi who I love to hate. I also adore her earlier series Au Pair which will hopefully be made into a movie soon.

Sophie Jordan: Dragons. Yes I said dragons. I was first drawn to Firelight by the cover but was worried about the dragon angle well that all changed after a few chapters. I was hooked and even more I was swooning for Will the hunter. Firelight is Sophie’s first YA novel. She is however a very established romance author.

Melissa Marr: The wonderful author of the Wicked Lovely books gave me Radiant Shadows which I loved!  Melissa will take you into the dark world of the Fey where you can find love, hate, passion, and always leaves you wanting more.  In February of 2011 Melissa will release her last book Wicked Lovely book which I can say I am both sad and excited for.

Suzanne Collins: 2010 was the year of the Mockingjay. I mean if you read YA then you were counting down to August 24th because the final book of The Hunger Games trilogy would be released. Mockingjay was sad, exciting, and amazing. I will miss you Katniss and Peeta.

Stephanie Perkins: December is one of the craziest times of the year for me.  Work always picks up and Christmas shopping takes over!  Also after reading paranormal and dystopia one needs a happy real world book and Anna and the French Kiss pulled me out of a reading funk and made me forget about the December madness.

2010 was an amazing year! I am excited to read new books from some of my favorites in 2011 but I am also excited about all the new authors I will discover!


  1. I have been slacking on my reading but this list is good. Looking forward to checking out some of the authors I havent read yet!! And I didnt know about Wickely Lovely series is ending, just a little sad but its one of my FAVORITE series!! Thanks for the list!

  2. love the list, and yes, have way too much reading to do. . . I love that you have some of the not-usual suspects appearing, too. :)

  3. Awesome list of awesome authors! I definitely would have picked a few of these as my favs for 2010 :-) I can't wait to read what else they're all writing...

  4. Totally agree!!! Love most of these authors, some I still don't know but the ones that I do were amazing!

  5. Great list and reasons! I haven't read all of these authors' works, but I'm SO excited because Kate Kaynak asked me if I wanted to review her book...I've been desperate to try it!

  6. I absolutely love this! And I totally agree about Kate Kaynak. She has to be the YA book world's best kept secret. Love her!

  7. Indeed very good list. Melissa Marr, love her writing and the world she creates in her series! :)

  8. Totally agree about Maggie, Kate and Suzanne! I really need to check out the others you mentioned!

  9. Nina & Rachel: I'm going to miss the Wicked Lovely characters, but since they are 1000 of years old maybe Melissa will bring them back.

    Casey: I swear Maggie can do no wrong! I'm still waiting for Luke from Lament to return. He's my heart!

    Melissa: I hope you love Kate! Her series is amazing!

    Cindy: Kate is great and hopefully soon we will see her on the shelves of B&N & Borders and by her I mean her books :)

    Gae: I hope this time next year 2K11 authors will be on my list!

    Ginger & Cythina: Feel free to borrow any of these authors from my book shelves!

  10. That is a great list of authors and I agree!!

    On another note I am pick up ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS because I have read soooo many positive things aobut it.