Wednesday, December 15, 2010

THE CLASS OF 2K11 by Carrie Harris

Hi Readers,
I told you I had a secret that involved 2k11 and today author Carrie Harris is here to tell you all about it.  Through out the rest of the week I will big giving you details about all the authors and through 2011 we will meet so many of these great authors.  Readers please welcome Carrie Harris! 



Ahem. Sorry. We’re just a little excited to partner with Cari on the Class of 2k11 Yearbook project. The whole process of being a debut author is kind of like the senior year of high school, only with fewer horrible prom experiences, better hair, and no final exams. At least I hope so. I REALLY hope so. That last prom almost killed me. And don’t get me started on the hair.

So we’ll be doing this yearbook thing throughout the year, which will be a lot of fun. But before we get to that, Cari thought you might like to hear a little bit about the Class of 2k11. See, in 2007, a bunch of YA and MG authors got together and said, “Yo! Wouldn’t it be the bomb if we all got together and did events and things?” (Okay, so maybe they didn’t say “Yo!” But you get the picture, right?) Some of the most amazing authors were involved in that first 2k class. I’m talking Cassandra Clare, Jay Asher, Rebecca Stead, and Melissa Marr, just to name a few.

Yeah, I make high pitched noises of excitement when I read that list. I admit it.

And with that kind of history, of course lots of people wanted to sign up. So now there is a 2k class every year. In order to join, you have to be a new YA or MG author with a book out in that calendar year. Pretty simple, eh?

With open enrollment like that, you can expect a lot of variety from the 2k classes, and I think that’s one of our strengths! No matter what you like, there will be a book for you in the Class of 2k11! We’ve got a little bit of everything: contemporary, dystopian, fantasy, historical, paranormal…about the only thing we don’t have is an epic poem about mutant wombats. Which is really unforgiveable when you think about it.

Anyway. That’s who we are. And as 2011 rolls in, we’d love to hear from you about what YOU like to read and what makes YOU tick. We feel lucky to be in a small group that allows us to get to know and talk to you! So drop in to see us!

You can visit us at our website, Twitter, and Facebook.

So that’s it! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just come up with the best idea for a sequel involving mutant wombats…


  1. Woohoo, Carrie! And thanks, Cari, for featuring us.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Angie!

  3. Yay! I'm very excited to read all these awesome debut author novels next year. Can't wait to get started!

  4. Cari, thank you for hosting the class. Carrie, you're hysterical. But you're wrong, I still have WAY too many bad hair days.

  5. What a clever idea! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  6. This is a fantastic idea! I can't wait to see what's to come :)

  7. Thanks Car(r)i(e)s!

    Um. Seriously. You should appreciate that. It took a lot of thought.

    Er. Never mind.

    So excited that you are doing this. Truly! Thank you.

    And yes, "the bomb" thing? Direct quote. Seriously, ask Jay Asher. Okay, maybe don't.

    *runs to make hair look better than high school*

    Gae Polisner
    The Pull of Gravity, FSG May.

  8. Cari, thanks for featuring us. Few people know that my first complete was an epic poem on mutant wombats, but after it was rejected by every publishing house I submitted it to, I moved on to contemporary fiction. Also, I should point out, I am pretty darn good at making stuff up.

  9. "Yo!" was definitely the word we used back in the Class of 2k7. It was the bomb! :D

  10. The jokes in these comments are better than anything I came up with. I am both impressed and embarrassed. :)

    Thanks again for hosting us, Cari. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

  11. Woohooo that sounds incredible!! Totally love this idea and I'm excited for the coming year. There are a lot of awesome books that will come out next year and I can't wait to hear and learn more about those awesome ladies (and gents?!?!)


  12. I'd never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing it! Really excited!

  13. Love debut authors! This will be fun :)

  14. Totally the bomb!

    Have fun 2K11!!!

  15. Carrie--

    Erm, I used "the bomb" all the time in class. Probs why most of my students give me the side eye most days. ;)

    I am looking forward to reading you all in the coming year-- congrats on everything so far!


    PS-- Cari, THANKS for hosting this! You are amazing. ;)

  16. Thanks to all the amazing authors and readers who stopped by to show support for the Class of 2K11! I am so excited and please know there will always be a spot on my blog for you!


  17. Thanks for hosting us Cari! It's going to be a FUN year!