Thursday, December 23, 2010

DARK DAYS of Supernatural

One of my favorite authors Kimberly Derting is going on tour with the DARK DAYS of Supernatural and they have provided a whole bunch of items to pimp out your website....yes I said pimp reminds me of Pimp-my-Ride. My days will be dark because the tour isn't stopping in Texas, but I am excited for everyone who will attend this event. OK so here are the details below:

The Website:

Desires of the Dead
The Book Covers

Kim Derting

Dark days of Supernatural Badge

Very much needed I am reading badge

Click to enlarge

Last but not least if you have not read The Body Finder trust me it's a 5 star book run out and get it and preorder Desires of the Dead while you are at it.


  1. hahahaha pimp-my-blog...someone should start a businness called that ;)

  2. I'm really going to try and go to the tour when the come to Chicago!

  3. It is SO pimp my site! I love it :) Thanks for the info.

  4. Agreed, THE BODY FINDER is def. a 5 star book and that are days will be dark cause the tour isnt stopping here!