Thursday, December 30, 2010

Literary Lonestar & Montgomery County Teen Book Fest

There are several Literary Lonestars meeting up at the Montgomery Fest in January!  What are Literary Lonestars?  Well it's Texas Authors, Bloggers, and Book lovers. We all sort of knew that there were a lot of us in Texas and we follow each others blogs and even attended some of the same events.  Some of us have met and we all know of each others blogs so what better way to keep in touch than a facebook page!  The first event some of us will be attending is the Montgomery County Teen Book Fest in North Houston. Are you planning on attending now that you have heard about the event and awesome Literary Lonestar group?  Great!

Also if you are in Texas and want to be a Literary Lonestar?  Just like the facebook page

Montgomery County Teen Book Fest info:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Author Lineup
Lois Lowry
Anna Godbersen
Justina Chen
Derek Kirk Kim
Thomas E. Sniegoski
Jeff Stone

Things You Can Do
• Get in free, thanks to our generous sponsors
• Hear renowned young adult authors speak
• See a Panel Discussion that features all of the authors
• Attend Breakout Sessions to interact more closely with two authors of your choice
• Listen to music & purchase refreshments
• Buy books and have them signed by the authors


  1. I am really going to try to make it to this. I really want to meet everyone. I'm in Dallas, though, so I'm not sure I'll be there...

  2. I wish we had something like this near me! Okay there was that book Anderson's book fest in September up near Chicago...but I couldn' tgo. There is always next year! Hope you enjoy it!