Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roll Call for 2K11

Good Morning Readers,

We have watched the 2K11 trailer, heard Carrie Harris about 2K11, so let's get down to it and meet the Class of 2K11! Today I am calling roll for Spring and beginning of Summer sessions. Make sure to come back tomorrow when I have the end of Summer session and the Fall session authors!

Julia Karr, XVI, January 6, 2011

Bettina Restrepo, Illegal, March 11, 2011

Amy Holder, The Lipstick Laws, April 4, 2011

Carole Estby Dagg, The Year We Were Famous
April 4, 2011

Angie Smibert, Memento Nora, April 15, 2011

K. Ryer Breese, Future Imperfect, April 26, 2011

Christina Mandelski, The Sweetest Thing, May 2011

Sheila O’Connor, Sparrow Road, May 2011

Alissa Grosso, Popular, May 2011

Last Minute Entry:

For more information visit 2k11 Blog!


  1. 2k11 authors please feel free to leave your twitter/blog/web links so we can start following you in a non-stalker way.

  2. Hi Cari! Thanks for featuring we 2K11 debs! Here's my contact info:!/juliaakarr

    I think that covers it! :)

  3. I'm still WOOO-ing. :)

  4. Thanks so much for featuring us, Cari! My website can be found at:
    (where you will find links on the homepage to Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads)

  5. um, it's okay that I'm not there... *weeps into yesterday's bad prom haircut*

    it's because I don't have a stinkin' cover yet, isn't it?! ISN'T IT!!! Er. I can draw you a cover. Here: there's two kids and a bus and Yoda and Steinbeck and a troll doll and some wax lips and this big fat dude... never mind.

    I release in May too, if you want to add me sans cover. Otherwise, I'll just sit here on the outside like a big old LOSER and stare at all the pretty popular kids.


    Is it Friday yet??

    Here's my website: and you can find links to my blob there. Yep, leaving the typo how it came out: blob. Seems fitting. ;)

    and you can find my fb page here:!/group.php?gid=41218888859

    and you can find a sneak peek at my book trailer here: (don't tell anyone I showed you because it doesnt HAVE A COVER YET >:( ) but the awesome fellow 2K11'er Megan Bostic (Never Eighteen) made it for me and it rocks. Er. If I do say so myself.

    (thanks, Cari! for doing this with or without me...)

    Gae Polisner
    The Pull of Gravity
    May 2011 (really)

  6. Gae

    You are by far my favorite comment so far! I actually have a plan for the 6 authors who don't have a cover. You will be featured tomorrow but if you can come up with a pic of two kids and a bus and Yoda and Steinbeck and a troll doll and some wax lips and this big fat dude by tomorrow I would LOVE to post it!

    Running to check out the video

  7. Oh Cari-- this is so RAD! I am loving the covers and release dates. It's getting me all excited for 2011. Now, I still need to finish my 2 December books (and then the other :cough15cough:: "to reads" on my shelf) so I can dive right in come January.

    Dangit....I need to stop reading blogs/commenting/shopping at borders and get to reading, huh???


  8. special plan!?! *perks up*

    ooh, wait, that's just a euphemism for where you herd us off to a "special" room without windows where we eat pudding and no one has to look at us, isn't it? I'm not an idiot, Cari.

    Ok, seriously, apparently, I am an idiot.

    *runs off to work on drawing*

  9. btw, Cari, never again suggest stupid things to me, I am waaay too game...

    (send me an email here: so that I can send you my, *ahem* temporary cover)

  10. *Megan, upon reading all this wonders if she needs to go draw some stick figures of a boy and a girl and a red mustang and the Spaceneedle, hurries off to get to work*

  11. Thanks for doing this, Cari! Here are my links: (I'm so glad I don't have to draw anything!)

    I also blog over at the League of Extraordinary writers on Thursdays:

  12. Amazing blog, Cari. Thanks for featuring all of us.
    I'm a May release, too, but maybe I'm part of the plan for tomorrow? Which would be cool. Because tomorrow is Friday and I will be doing laundry and I could really use something to look forward to.

    You can find me, stalk me, shower me with expensive gifts here:

  13. omg, I thought you were waiting for tomorrow! It is so exciting to see my fab cover there, but now where is my face?!?!

    *runs off to do another drawing.*

    (ok, seriously, no I am not. But thanks for the fun this morning. :))

  14. Gae,

    Your face comes tomorrow with the other authors who don't have a cover and fall. I think you were busy getting ready. You know if I ever meet you I am printing this out and you will have to sign it.

  15. Cari,

    done! And thanks for sharing in some silly with me this morning. :)

  16. I want the designer for Pull of Gravity (as seen above) to do my next cover. Could you auction that artwork off on ebay? It's awesome.

    Love your blog. Love your artwork. This will be a wonderful place to come for book talk. Thank you for creating it. You inspire me as always.

  17. Hi Cari! This is great! Even though I'm a 2k11 member I haven't seen some of these author photos yet! Also, I'm one of those without a cover yet so I'm excited to see what you come up with! (and you'll be glad I'm not sending in a drawing!!)


  18. What a great idea. I'm really loving this.

  19. as a seriously important FOG (friend of Gae's)....really.....I'm so happy to see that Gae's aweseomeness is being recognized. As an artist & writer (let me assure you that (along with the fact that awesomeness is, indeed a word), her book is even better than her whimsically rendered cover art. I bow to her inspirational work. oh, and in case you haven't noticed, she's a lot of fun too.

  20. From the above interchanges you can see why I love being part of The Class of 2k11 and head for my e-mails while still in my jammies and even before the first cup of tea to see what those on the sunrise side of the country have been up to while I wait for the cat to wake me up on the west coast.
    They are a hard act to follow, so I won't try to match their humor or drawing finesse - I'll just leave my web info:
    I am on Goodreads and recently joined Facebook, but haven't figured out how they work yet and can't tell you how to find me there.
    Carole, aka Granny Luddite

  21. Thank you, Lori <3

    *shells out another $20 to a friend*

  22. Thank you so much for this Cari -- I know that I can't wait to read my fellow classmate's books -- they sound great, don't they?

    My website is and I can also be found on facebook at and on twitter under cmandelski.

    I'm so thrilled to be a part of this group and am so grateful to be featured on your blog!

    All my best,

  23. Thanks for the shout-out, Cari! You're awesome!! And Gae - you're hilarious! I'm super envious of your creative cover! :)

    Here's all my info:
    Website -
    Blog -
    Twitter -
    Facebook -
    Goodreads -

    Thanks again for the 2k11 spotlight! I (and my classmates) really appreciate it!!

  24. I know you shouldn't judge, but just by the look of these covers, I can't wait to read them! and Gae what happened to Yoda although I must say I prefer Artoo. :)

  25. Monica, I know, right?!?! And the big fat dad!?! I am such a disappointment as a cover artist.

    Juju, you and me both! (Of course, I want all of them... :))