Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Ban is Over!

Dear Readers,

I am obsessed with books! Um ok this might not seem like anything new, but if you recall in October I said I wasn’t buying anymore books until 2011. I even blogged about it and said the only exception was for signings and presents for other people. Well for the most part I did great, but I did mess up a few times. I can say that I purchased around 8-10 books but for two months I say that was great! So to hold up my end of the bargain I will be dropping off 30 books at the Houston Public Library! I have discovered I have no will power when it comes to buying books and that I am sad to give my books away. On the plus side it did make room for more books.

Cheers and confetti all around!
Note to self: Do not go into a book ban lightly!


  1. Well, congrats on your generous donation! (looking at the good side?) I'm sorry to hear the book ban didn't work out. I was on a book ban for all of 2010 and only bought 1 book. I already know there are books I want to buy this year, so I've set a limit at 3 (the two I want plus one more). Good luck on your next test of willpower!

  2. Props to you for even agreeing to this challenge! lol I know I could never do it. And I think it's awesome you're giving back :-)

  3. I too am an adult who loves YA. I have a great recommendation: Dead Beautiful. It's about zombies and has a great mythology built into the story.

  4. That's so nice of you! I'm sure they will be pretty happy about that. And now you can buy more books that are releasing this year. lol.

  5. Congrats! You did well! I know what a challenge it was. I did manage to stay with in my 3 book limit though it was tricky--especially after I got book money for Christmas. I still have a couple that I am dying to buy, but I am trying to force myself to read what I have first. Good job and a wonderful donation to your library (as a librarian I can say your library will appreciate them)!

  6. Meredith: You must have an excellent library and will power! I hope to be a little like you one day :)

    Ginger LOL Yeah it was not easy.

    Jennifer Miller I haven't read it but I'll be on the look out for it. Thanks!

    Nina LOL I know now I can add more books!

    Thanks Juju!

    Melissa It was hard but we did good...Ok you did better than me, but still. My 2011 goal is to keep reading what I own.

  7. I am a book hoarder! I own over 300 books and about 100 of them are ones I haven't read yet. BUT I keep buying more! I cant help it!