Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Crafting with Kojodesigns

Today I have a special treat for book lovers who also love to craft. I spend hours on Crafty blogs and one that really stood out is Kojodesigns. They combined my love of books, crafts, and blogging! I'm not great at crafting so I love when I find really great easy projects. So I reached out to Kojodesigns and asked if they would like to be featured on my blog. Please welcome them and make sure to visit their blog.

Hello there! I am Kirstin (I blog over at kojodesigns about everything from sewing to DIY home decor to throwing awesome parties with a heavy dose of upcycled projects thrown in for kicks). I was so excited when Cari asked if I would put together a round up of Projects Using Books for y'all.

You see, I love everything about books- reading them (though, my current reading material is heavy on the Eric Carle and light on the Jane Austen), collecting them, using them in my decor/projects. I even love the smell of them (I know, it's weird). In fact, my two and half year old son calls Goodwill, "The Book Store." Haha!

And if you're here, I bet you love books, too! Onto some Project Using Books:
Piper Jane's name sign using vintage Reader's Digest condensed books

Burke's "book shelves" using old text books

Cat in the Hat bunting

PhD party decor (almost all of the decor was made using pages from the text books from Burke's book shelves... the how to's are here)

Padded upcycled mailers

Favorite book Christmas ornaments

Thanks again for having us Cari! Happy reading, y'all!

***I probably don't need to say this, but I will anyway. For these projects, I used books that were either A-Destroyed by my children or my students (I used to be a 2nd grade teacher), B- No longer relevant (like the old text books), or C- Found at Goodwill and already falling apart. If it'd hurt you to tear apart a perfectly good book, I am with you! :)


  1. I took a class at TLA once and it was all about craft projects with books. It was a fun class.

    I've framed children's book pages and hung them on the wall. But I think I would like to try those mailers or party decor.

  2. Oh wow! I love the look of the books on the wall as a back plate and the shelving. These are really some incredible ideas for using books in decorating. :) Thank you!

  3. What a great post-these are great ideas, NOw only if I could by myself a crafty gene. Lol. Happy Reading.

  4. these are such good them all. especially the top 2!! cute blog!

  5. ZOMG these crafts are all so cute! *Must resist using husband's computer text books to make crafts for daughter's room*

  6. Magan:LOL you should use them! Tell him scientist have shown in studies that daughters are more likely to become computer programmers because of this craft.

    Twimom: This is so you! I know you love crafts!

    Elie: I'm not crafty at all so I like the easy crafts.

    Thanks Jen

    Juju Could you see the floating textbooks with classic books?

    girlsinthestacks.comMaybe we should craft while at this years TLA

    Jacinda Please feel free to make me some mailers :)

  7. This is such an awesome post Cari - such a clever idea to organise this post. I'll definitely be visiting kojodesigns!

  8. This is a very clever and fun post. What a good idea for a guest blogger and perfect for your blog. I'll definitely check out kojodesigns too, because I'm all about re-use/re-cycle!

  9. OMG. I LOVE ALL OF THESE. The book shelves are my favorite. I also have an online friend who's used old books and gutted them to make address books and notebooks!

  10. I looked thru her blog and found some ideas I want to do in my 3 yr olds room. she had the best ideas for things

  11. Great collection of projects! I love the shelves!

  12. Just wanted to say thanks! Y'all are too kind! :)