Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Desires of the Dead Official Book Trailer

I am so excited!  Kimberly just posted the official book trailer for Desires of the Dead!  I can tell you that the book trailer has details that are so important to the story. VLC Productions & Kim Derting did a great job!  If you haven't read The Body Finder do that ASAP because Desires of the Dead will be released 2/15/11 a perfect Valentine's Day Gift!

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  1. I love book trailers so much! I was at a movie with my husband once and I saw a book trailer before the movie previews and squealed. I should find a way to add this one to my archives since I have not read anything by Ms. Derting, but I feel that I may need to!

  2. I like what Magan says: a booktrailer before the movie previews. They shoudl do that often! I like the trailer. :)

  3. I also get fan girl happy when I see book trailers at movies. I also like all the t-shirts that are book related and carried in stores like hot topic.