Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ellen Schrieber comes to Houston

Last night Ellen Schreiber did a signing, Q&A, and reading at Brazos Bookstore in Houston. This was not the first signing I attended for Ellen, but it was my first book signing at Brazos Bookstore. Even though Brazos is about 10 minutes from my job I managed to get lost.  I know don't ask. LOL When I got there I tried to quietly sit and not disturb anyone because Ellen was already speaking. Ellen talked about how Celeste, the main character in Once in a Full Moon, is very different from Raven in Vampire Kisses. Celeste is popular unlike Raven who is goth. She does talk about how Celeste is dating but isn't with "the one" until she meets Brandon the new guy in town. Brandon and Celeste are on a collision course and change each others lives. The cover for Once in a Full Moon looks beautiful online, but it doesn't compare to seeing it in person.  Simply stunning!

What we learned during Q&A:
* Ellen's first published book is titled Johnny Lightning and it was released in Belgium but has never been released in the U.S.

* Cryptic Cravings (Vampire Kisses 8) is scheduled for release in May

* There are two more Vampire Kisses books in the works but Ellen thinks there is a potential for an 11th book.

* Vampire Kisses was originally a stand alone book.

* Once in a Full Moon is set as a trilogy so two more books are planned.

I got to ask about her fans.  The last time I saw Ellen at the HarperTeen Supernatural Summer Tour her fans were so excited to see her.  I would say they're devotion is up there with Twilight and Harry Potter only a little more goth.  I wanted to know if any fan encounter stood out.

Ellen mentioned that at one event she met a fan who came dressed in a purple corset dress with fangs.  The dress was very elaborate and the outfit was very well put together. This actually stayed with Ellen and it gave her the inspiration and helped her decide that Raven would wear the dress.  So in Dance with a Vampire, Vampire Kisses Four, the dress is mentioned and on the cover except the cover is red.

I got to spend some time chatting with Ellen after the event and she was really sweet to sign bookmarks and I made 5x7 photos for her to sign.  Thank you so much Ellen!  I'm trying to think of the perfect giveaway for those so you will have to check back. 

Me with Ellen
From today's comments I will draw one comment and they will win a signed bookmark.  Simply say "I want a Once in a Full Moon signed bookmark!"  Also if Ellen isn't stopping by your city but you want a signed copy of her book contact Brazos Bookstore because they have signed copies in stock and will ship!

For more on Ellen visit:

Brazos Book Store:
2421 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 523-0701
Open Mon-Thu 10am-7pm; Fri-Sun 10am-6pm


  1. Looks like I may need to check out this bookstore with you sometime. Perhaps a weekend visit? Glad you finally made it there. I haven't read anything by this author, but I'm a bit curious now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. "I want a Once in a Full Moon signed bookmark!"

    I am hping t see her in March during the Dark Days tur....I think she's ding that, right?!

    (Frgive me, ne f my keys is nt wrking, and I bet yu can figure ut which ne! Didn't realize I used that letter s much!!)

  3. Are you trying to tell us that you were the girl in the vampire dress? Kidding! Great post, I liked the inclusion of what you learned from the Q&A and the bookstore looks really cute!

  4. Sounds like it was a lot of fun, love the picture of you and Ellen. Wish I would've been able to go. =)

  5. Ginger: We need to hang out in the village one weekend. Cupcakes, Brazos, Murder by the Book, Half Price books! What's not to love!

    Megan I would look really cute in a corset dress ;)

    Cynthia Thanks I wish you could have gone too!

    Yay Flo! So far you are the only one who wants a bookmark!

  6. Looks like it was a great author event!

  7. This sounds like such a fun event! I wish there were more events in my tiny town haha :)

  8. Great post! We'll be going tonight in Austin!


  9. LOVE your hair! Thanks for sharing! WAY cool!

  10. She does have devoted fans! I totally agree with that! That's cool that she kind of used that fans dress as inspiration too.
    When I saw her in Seattle there was one person dressed up a lot but she dresses like that everyday so it wasn't really 'for' Ellen.
    That's awesome you got to go and that bookstore looks awesome!

  11. I want a Once in a Full Moon signed bookmark! :D

    She's going to be in Austin tonight, but alas, I can't go. Darn school! Sounded like you had fun, though! :)

  12. I want a Once in a Full Moon signed bookmark!I'll say it...I just bought this book and plan to read it next. I thought the Vampire Kisses series was cute.

  13. It was a 1 of 3 shot and says Briana is the winner! Email me with your mailing address and I'll send you the bookmark!