Thursday, January 13, 2011

Help Texas Book Bloggers Give Back

My Austin book blogger pals Stephanie and Jen from I Read Banned Books are helping out the Austin Children's Shelter. They are asking for donations of YA books the Austin Children's Shelter needs.  I have promised them 25 YA books off my shelf and I'm asking you to make a donation as well.  For more details visit Steph or Jen's blog.  Remember media mail is really cheap where you can ship 5 books for about 5 dollars.  Also if you give some of your books away you clean off space for more books!  Even if you pull one book every little bit helps!  For more details visit Stephanie or Jen's blog.




  1. Thx Cari! Every book helps, even if it's just one! Appreciate you cleaning out your shelves for these awesome teens!


  2. Thank you thank you! Can't wait to see which 25 books you part with!

  3. I'm going to be in Austin next weekend! Maybe I can even drop some books off myself...