Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Iron Daughter

The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey Book 2) by Julie Kagawa

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

If you have not read The Iron King then you might want to skip this one but trust me when I say it was fantastic! With that disclaimer let’s move on.

In book one Meghan made a deal with the Winter prince that if he helped her save her brother she would return to the Winter court as his queen requested. Also in between The Iron King and The Iron Daughter there is a mini novella, Winter’s Passage, that tells the story of Ash and Meghan’s journey back to court that is a must read. In the Iron Daughter Meghan has held her end of the bargain and is being kept prisoner by the Winter queen. While at court Meghan feels abandoned as she has not seen Ash since he took her to court and when she finally does see him he is horrible to her.

Stages of Ash

Jerk - Cold - Gone - assassin - unreadable - biggest change of all

Things in Nevernever get far more complicated when the Iron Fey infiltrates the Winter court to steal the Scepter of the Seasons and assassinate the Winter Prince guarding the Scepter. Two acts that will cause a war between the Winter and Summer court. Ash and Meghan leave the Winter court in hopes to retrieve the Scepter but in doing so Ash will go against his queen.

Some of my favorite characters are back like Grimalkin because who doesn’t like a snarky talking fey cat? Also Puck has returned from his sleeping tree! I will say that in The Iron King I was not a big fan of Puck but in this book watch out Puck will charm you and for a quick moment you will say Ash who? Impossible I know but there I admit it! I was also surprised by the return of a character who was on Team bad guy in the first book but turns out to be a guardian and friend for Meghan. There are also plenty of new characters that entertain!

The Iron Daughter has epic battles, love triangle, death, faithful friends, and ultimate sacrifices. I will dare say that The Iron Daughter is even better than the first book. So if you have read the first book and haven’t picked this up get it soon because the third book The Iron Queen will be released January 25th and you will want to be caught up. If you haven’t started this series I highly recommend it because these Fey are like none other!


  1. I haven't read your review, just the first couple of wors where you say that it's fantastic. I really want to try this series too.

  2. Better? I love when that happens :) Sweet review!

  3. Nina: This is a cute one I hope you pick it up soon. Also you can find The Iron Queen (book 3) is on netgalley.

    Juju: Sometimes I'm afraid of the second book in the series but this one was amazing!

  4. Seriously, how have I not started this series?! Gahhh ok, I really am going to start it. Like...soon! Great review, Cari!

  5. Love this series! I just finished the Iron Queen and it was even more amazing. Great review! =D

  6. I was definitely charmed by Puck in this book as well! I've bounced back and forth between Ash and Puck throughout the entire series. I was undecided in the first book, Puck in the second, and Ash in the third. Crazy, right? But at least it's a well-written love triangle!

  7. I was definitely not charmed but this book. Although very clever, I believe it to be too sinister for my liking.

    Great review though.