Saturday, February 12, 2011

Interview with Kimberly Derting

Today I have one of my favorite authors Kimberly Derting stopping by to talk about life as an author and her new book Desires of the Dead. For those of you who are not familiar with Kimberly then I highly recommend you pick up The Body Finder her debut novel.

How does it feel to have your second book published?
Exciting. Nerve wracking. Intense. And did I mention exciting?!?!?

How has the fan reaction been?
So far I’ve been thrilled with the response to Desires of the Dead! I think most authors, especially debuts and even more so if it’s a series, worry about that second book. I certainly did. I felt a ton of pressure to have it live up to The Body Finder. So to have early readers give a positive response…YAY!

Recently your books were auctioned off for close to 100 dollars for Charity and I heard that after it ended people still wanted to bid. How was that?
Insane! I expected it to get a couple of bids, but when I saw how high it was going, I was kind of overwhelmed! But I’m so glad that the money went towards such a great cause!

Last year you told me you were surviving on skittles for meals. How was it surviving writing Desires of the Dead?
I’m still eating Skittles…and unfortunately, more fast food than I should. I’m still finding that balance between my writing life and my family life, and unfortunately, if one of them has to give it’s usually the household stuff. Thankfully, my husband and kids are supportive and we’re working it out.

How does it feel to come off Harper Summer Tour, Smart Chicks tour, and now Dark Days of Summer?
It’s been sort of surreal. The group tours are great because I get to hang out with these uber-talented authors whose books I’ve read over the years (it makes me feel like I’m sitting at the cool table!) But even better, I LOVE getting the chance to meet my readers!!!!!

About Desires of the Dead

How has Violet changed?
I think she’s learning to accept that her ability can be a good thing, that she can use it to help others.

In YA parents are usually not in the picture. How did you approach it?
I decided to give Violet the parents I would hope I would be if one of my kids had such an unusual/frightening ability. I wouldn’t want them to have to hide it from me and I didn’t want Violet to have to hide what she could do, so I made her parents (and her aunt and uncle) very present and supportive in her life.

My Twitter friends and I were arguing over Jay because he’s such an amazing boyfriend. Where did you get the inspiration for his character?
LOL! I would love to say that he was based on someone I actually know because…well, then I would know Jay! But, really, he’s the kind of friend/boyfriend I think I would have wanted in high school.

How did you decide what Jay would give Violet for her birthday?
OMG, funny that you ask because this is one of those instances where I sprinkled in a little of my real life…or rather, my brother’s. When he was in the 2nd grade, his little girlfriend combed his hair right before school pictures were taken. As a result, I have this awesomely goofy picture of him with a totally crooked part and his hair all slicked down with water. It’s one of my favorite childhood pictures of him!

In The Body Finder you had crazy serial killers now that they are out of the picture did you find it difficult to keep the same creepy factor?
I definitely wanted to steer away from setting up the same storyline—another serial killer—but we live in a world where creepy can come in so many forms. I love the new storyline since Violet is so much more involved with the “bad guy”.

What comes next?
I wish I could tell you now, but the publishing world is riddled with all these crazy secrets…which is terrible for someone like me who has a big mouth and wants to share everything with everyone! But, I promise, I will be sharing news soon. And I’m SUPER excited about it!

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The Body Finder is in stores now and Desires of the Dead available by preorder.
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I would like to thank Kimberly for stopping by my blog and encourage you to pick up her books!


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