Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pull of Gravity Cover Talk

Today is an exciting day! Remember at the beginning of the year when I had all the 2k11 authors on my blog? Well Gae Polisner didn't have a final cover so she drew the lovely picture below. I loved it so much I shared it with the world and promised to do a very serious cover discussion with a panel of experts to disuss the new cover for Pull of Gravity. Oh and by experts I mean my blogger friends who were nice enough to participate.

Cheers, Confetti, and Applause

Okay first, I have to say.... TROLL! Best. Cover. Element. Ever. Not a clue if it actually relates to the story but who cares? It's a troll! And stick figures? Okay, yes, the fancy posed artistic covers are nice, but there's something nice and nostalgic about going back to the days of stick figures that basically say so much so simply. Are they holding hands? Aren't they? Who knows? Let's read to find out! -Kari from A Good Addiction

I love Gae’s hand drawn cover ideas. So cute! The bus and the hotel for Nick and Jaycee’s journey. The Steinbeck quote is funny. I don’t get the troll or the light sabers, but maybe they are part of the plot. My favorite part would be Gae’s funny little comments. -Melina from Reading Vacation

First off, I was actually present when John Steinbeck made this book rec, so.....yeah, you should buy it. A troll doll is essential to any epic road trip. It brings good luck (and good gas mileage) as well as serve as a conversation piece on those long drives through the desert. It is upside down to convey the "weight" of their adventure. You know...the whole gravity thing.... -Jen Bigheart from I Read Banned Books

Sign me up people, I am writing a book just so I can get an original hand drawn cover from Gae. I'm with Jen and Kari, the troll is epic AND nothing says road trip like wax lips and lightsabers.-Stacy Wells from Girls in the Stacks

I saw this one on your blog post about a month ago and thought it was amazeballs!!! I would definitely pick this one up at the bookstore if it had this cover, hellooo there's a troll in it! I want to know what that troll has to do with the story and why those two stick figures are wearing wax lips?! Did I mention I had a troll collection when I was little?! -Cynthia from A Blog About Nothing

I would LOVE to see a book like this on the shelves...Mostly because of the randomness and the little descriptions next to everything. (I have to do that on drawings too because no one ever knows what they're looking at :)) I love, love, LOVE the Troll...It makes me hopeful that there is a reference of it somewhere in the book that will whisk me away to my seven year old self. Also, I'm really craving some wax lips right about now... – Jasmine from The Reading Housewives

Seriously I had the pink troll that talked and nothing adds a touch of nerd cool like Lightsabers! If I ever meet Gae I am printing this out and have her sign it. I wonder if Gae used this cover would the Sheraton would have gave her free rooms for life. –Cari from Cari’s Book Blog

The Final Cover!

Most standoutish for me is the lettering... this overall is something I would definitely grab in store, especially as someone who loves boy books. I also really like the expression on the girl's face watching the boy... the circles that expand out are kind of psychedelic, and so is the fact that their bodies totally meld into each other, but it's a cover that isn't just a repeat of a whole bunch of others which I like. And okay, so I kind of miss the troll, and these two might be doing more than holding hands... but if I knew nothing else about the book, I'd still grab it to find out. -Kari from A Good Addiction

(Kari) Psychedelic circles, how cool...wait, I'm getting dizzy. -Stacy Wells from Girls in the Stacks

I am guessing that is Nick (not Scoot) and Jaycee on the other cover. Yes, he does resemble JB. It’s that JB hair. That’s really in style right now though, so it makes sense. At first I thought the ripples were a fingerprint, but they are too perfect for that so they look more like a target to me. Makes it look a bit blurry and mysterious. I’m not sure if that is what they are going for, but that’s what I felt when I saw it. Which one would I more likely pick up? Gae’s, because it’s fun and unique. There you have it, the opinion of a tween girl. -Melina from Reading Vacation

Just think the 90's gave us "The Rachel" and now we have the "The Bieber." -Stacy Wells from Girls in the Stacks

Okay, real people. I'm not gonna lie, I miss the troll, but I"m digging the way the two people are melting or fading into each other. I can see all of the girl AND all of the guy. The added rings around the two, remind me of a ripple effect from an earthquake. To me, the rings give the word "gravity" in the title some weight. (pun intended). Overall, not too shabby...I wonder if he will let me borrow his hoodie? -Jen Bigheart from I Read Banned Books

Aww, Jen I wanted to borrow that hoodie first! Yep, I'm digging the cover. -Stacy Wells from Girls in the Stacks

oooh, I love the look the girl is giving the boy in the cover, like she's not so sure she likes him but she's stuck with him, maybe he did something wrong? I want to know what that is. I'm also with Kari on the font of the title, I love it!! Very eye catching and colorful. The circles around them both, very cool and appealing like it wants to hypnotize you. -Cynthia from A Blog About Nothing

I really like that I kind of had to squint a bit at first because it's out of focus. That makes me want to lean in and take a closer look. The girl in the background intrigues me because she seems kind of alternative/punky maybe? And then there's this poppy (not like the seed, but like the music) boy that she's with. The two of them seem like opposites and I want to know what PULLS them together...Get it? The simplicity of the text is awesome...And I love the kind of tunnel effect the target causes. – Jasmine from The Reading Housewives

Baby Baby Baby ok I’ll stop dancing for a minute. I would like to think that if I were back in high school I would look as cool as the the girl in the hoodie. I agree with everyone that the font is great and it sort of keeps a bit of Gae’s drawing. I also love the look she is giving him. Melina you are so right it really does look like a finger print. Baby, Baby, Baby I’m excited to get this book in May. - Cari from Cari’s Book Blog

Thank you to Gae for allowing us to compare the covers and thank you to all my lovely blogger friends who participated! Put Pull of Gravity on your to read list and visit all the blogs who helped out.  Readers what are your thoughts?

**No Trolls were harmed in the making of this blog post, but I do think they will start flying of the shelves if people can find them.**


  1. I have just read the first few comments and am already peeing in my pants. (Um, cari, cross that out and write laughing). You guys are HI-LARIOUS!!! I can't believe you did this. And how very funny you ALL are.

    *goes back to reading

  2. *returns with fresh, ahem, clothing, and a kleenex for laughing-weepy eyes. Here are some of my stand-out favorite lines:

    “Are they holding hands? Aren't they? Who knows?” – Kari

    “I don’t get the troll or the light sabers, but maybe they are part of the plot.” – Melina

    “First off, I was actually present when John Steinbeck made this book rec” – Jen

    “nothing says road trip like wax lips and lightsabers” – Stacy

    “.. .amazeballs!!!” –Cynthia (seriously. Amazeballs!?!?)

    “I have to do that on drawings too because no one ever knows what they're looking at.” – Jasmine

    “I wonder if Gae used this cover would the Sheraton would have gave her free rooms for life” -Cari

    I am relieved and glad you all seem to like the new cover, even if you miss the troll. The first 20 of you that send me an email, I will mail you a signed mini-troll. (If I get more emails, I'll try to do more). And, no they don't seem to have them here anymore in the States; I had to ship them in from Australia. ?! :)

    with much gratitude for the time you took to do this. Am sending the link off to my publisher and may print up and frame a copy.

    You all ROCK.


  3. I mean, seriously, seriously ROCK.

    (and I am stealing amazeballs because it is ridiculous.)

  4. Thanks for making me laugh this morning! Much as I like Gae's version of the cover, I think this final version is a winner!

  5. Haha. That's so funny! I loved it! The first cover is my favorite, though. I <3 trolls.

  6. This is one of the best blog posts I think I've ever seen. And I'm totally stealing amazeballs. yes I am.

    Cari and Gae rock in a big way. And so do all of you who participated.

  7. I totally think the boy on the official cover should have opted out of the Beiber hair cut & went with the Troll style instead :-)

    and I think I need to hear Cynthia say "amazeballs" in person - HAHA!

  8. Megan & Alissa: We will have to come up with something equally amazeballs for your book.

    Ginger: We'll have to get Cynthia to say it out loud and LMAO I would love to see a guy with a troll cut.

  9. OMG, that homemade cover is hilarious.Looks like they liked that sketchy hand drawn style by the way they wrote the title on the official cover. Hilarious! You have some great blogger buddies!

  10. Trolls seem to be very popular!

  11. Yes, Ginger! You are on to something there!!! had fun Cari...thx for letting me participate!


  12. So fun, thanks for letting us do this!!!

  13. This was awesome. Pure awesome. I still have one of my first trolls out on my bookshelf. It has pink hair and a fur stoll. If any book has a troll on it, I will buy it.

  14. "Just think the 90's gave us "The Rachel" and now we have the "The Bieber.""

    Hahahaha! SO true. The final cover is very nice and definitely something I'd grab off of the shelf. Fun post!

  15. Ha, I just posted from my work blog. Stupid me. Cari, I'm not sure we'll be able to compete with this for my book. :)

  16. LOL Megan I thought your work blog was spam I was on my way to delete it!

  17. I would respond to all of these great comments but I am busy stuffing mini trolls into envelopes.


  18. Just got a minute to check in after a long day and I'm laughing my head off. This blog is priceless Cari -- thank you! It's always fun to revisit Gae's own artwork, but even more fun now that she's got a kick-butt cover for real.