Thursday, March 10, 2011

Audio Review: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

I would like to start off by saying how wrong I was! I have always thought audio books and historical novels were not for me. See I know what the characters sound like in my head so hearing the narrators voice throws me off. Also I had a really bad experience with my first audio book. The only reason I gave audio books a second chance was because I forgot to cancel my audible subscription. Historical books are usually hard for me because again I can't picture the voice or feel I could not relate to someone from so long ago but Revolution has changed my mind!

The first hour or so I was skeptic and it took me about four times restarting the book, because I couldn't convince myself that I would like the audio but once I got past that and really started listening to the story I found myself relating to Andi. In Revolution Andi attends a private school that she doesn't much care for and it leads back to her brother Truman dying but they don't go into it at first. Her mother is an emotional mess and Andi is spiraling out of control and practically suicidal. Her estrange father steps in and takes Andi with him to Paris France for work. Her father was there to perform DNA test on a heart thought to be of ten year old Louis-Charles son of of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Andi wants nothing more than to return back home to take care of her mother but her father thinks Andi can't be trusted alone and he's right. While in Paris Andi discovers a diary of Louis-Charles nanny who tells the story of what happened to him. Andi slowly because emotionally attached to both Alex and Louis-Charles and hopes for a happy ending for both.  Louis-Charles looked a lot like her brother Truman and the story of  what is thought to be the last days of his life are tragic.

While in Paris Andi meets Virgil an aspiring hip-hop artist who can clearly see that Andi is so emotionally broken and yet he is so drawn to her. He completely captured my heart!  Andie makes a deal with her father that if she can finish a school assignment early can she return home early but Virgil and Alex's story are factors that make her reconsider leaving Paris.

The story is so vast and so beautiful I can't explain how much I loved it! I plan to buy the physical copy of this book and listen to the audio again. If you are not sure about audio and/or historical I highly recommend this book to you!

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  1. I'm so glad you forgot to cancel your subscription, :D I loved this one and I'm glad you did too!!

  2. I'll put this one on my list, too! I read A NORTHERN LIGHT and Donnelly is a beautiful writer.

    Audio books are hit or miss for me. I think the story can live or die with the voice talent selected to read it.

  3. This book was pretty much my favorite book of 2010. I loved it. Great review. Saw you on GReads, and am a new follower.

  4. YAY for audiobooks!! You know I love 'em. I mean, hearing Jace. In surround sound? DIED.

    But, I agree with Ms. Dominy up there...that the voice talent can really mess up a good story. ::coughVampireDiariescough::

  5. I have actually only listened to the Harry Potter series and I'm nervous to try to "read" anything else. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience!

  6. I cannot live without audiobooks! I listen on my way to and from work, which is only a 15 min drive, at work, at home while cleaning. I just love them. But there have been some where I don't particularly like the narrator. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, though!!

    I'm planning to attend Houston's Teen Con, so hopefully I'll get to finally meet some of my fellow TX bloggers!! :D
    Jess @ Gone with the Words