Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poetry: Love's Blinders

Megan Bostic will be debuting her first novel Never Eighteen January 2012 and for those who visit my blog often then you know that Megan also writes poetry. I love poetry so of course I asked if she would send me a few poems to feature here on my blog and she said yes. Today I'm sharing Love's Blinders.  Thanks Megan!

Love's Blinders by Megan Bostic

Alone I sit and wait for a call that never comes

My heart echoing like an abandoned night sky

Infinite and silent.

Void of flying, fluttering, the beating of wings

Nothing but an eerie hush

No burning embers like stars

Just darkness

The flames that once blazed white hot heat

And a passion unrivaled

Have been extinguished like the end of life

Like death.

Discarded again, like yesterday’s news,

Or a pair of worn down sneakers

should be used to it now

But the mind, it lapses, the memories blurred

By desires fulfilled, heart’s yearning, love’s blinders

And disregarding all the times when love packed its bags

And left without warning leaving nothing behind

except the pain of goodbyes.

So again I sit and wait for a call that never comes

In the desolation and isolation my soul has become.

Visit Megan Bostic here:
Twitter: @meganbostic

*This is Megan's work please do not copy or borrow without her permission*


  1. I really enjoyed her poem. Can't wait to check out her debut novel.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, that was really nice! I'll be looking out for her novel in 2012.

  3. Loved the poem! I can't wait to see what other poems she has written.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I really loved the poem!

  5. Sooo beautiful, thanks for sharing!