Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Witches of the East End by Melissa de la Cruz

Witches of the East End by Melissa de la Cruz

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Release Date: 06/21/11

I must admit that when I first started reading Witches of East End I found myself missing the usual Blue Blood characters but it helped to know that someone would make an appearance. The first half of this book is about getting to know the Beauchamp witches who are completely different from the vampires we have come to know. You have JoAnne who is the mother and her two daughters Ingrid and Freya. Ingrid is a librarian who is very structured and has been called is frigid and wild child Freya who we met in Bloody Valentine. For those of you who don't know this is very much an adult book so if you're a parent and considering buying this for your teen or if you're a teen and a fan of the Blue Blood series I wouldn't recommend this series. Melissa isn't raunchy but there is a lot of sex in this book because it's not young adult but general fiction.

The Beauchamp are immortals who live in north Hampton but are prohibited from using magic since Frey and Ingrid were accused of witchcraft at Salem. Ingrid is the first to break the rules but the Joanne and Freya are not innocent themselves. Freya is engaged to be married to a wealthy and kind man but when his brother comes to town she is willing to throw it away. While Freya deals with her love life the town starts having mysterious episodes like women become barren, birds start washing up on the beach and a toxic substance appears in the oceans that nobody is able to explain.

The last third of the book had me anxious about what was going to happen next and who was responsible for all the strange things in North Hampton. There was a huge cliffhanger that left me wondering where will Melissa de la Cruz take the Beauchamps! I can easily see Witches of East End becoming another of my favorite series!

Witches of East End is Melissa de la Cruz's first adult fiction novel. Melissa is known for her popular YA vampire series Blue Bloods and her first series Au Pair has been optioned for film by Drew Berrymore's film company.

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  1. This books sounds amazing. Is it already out? I am gonna have to look for it. I loved the Blue Blood series (: So is Freya the one from the Blue Blood series to make an appearance?

  2. Hi Karm,

    No it's not out yet I just updated my review to add the release date. Freya makes an appearance in Bloody Valentine the mini novella published in December. We do share a love of the Blue Bloods! If you haven't read Bloody Valentine defiantly one you will want to pick up.

  3. This book looks amazing and I love the entire allure of it all. Melissa De La Cruz is a fantastic writer and I've loved the "Blue Bloods" series. I cannot wait to read this! Great review, darling and great site!

  4. Thanks Cary! I loved Blue Bloods also!

  5. Okay, I feel like an inadequate Y.A. book blogger because I have not read Melissa's Blue Bloods series. But once I do that (and fall in love with it, I'm sure) then I will make sure to read this one. Even if it is a little bit adult-ish for me, I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

  6. I'm late to the game and haven't read the Blue Blood series. This book does sound interesting and now i'm wondering if I should read this book first and then the Blue Blood series or the other way around. Loved the review.

    Neri @In The Name Of Books

  7. ...meaning, wish you liked it more. Not that I've read it or anything. Will these TBR piles get any smaller?


  8. Hi Jen (I read banned books) I also didn't love Blue Bloods when I started. I think it wasn't until the second or third book so there is hope for this series.

  9. I've always been fascinated by the Salem witch trials, so I'm intrigued to hear that's part of the backstory! I hate cliffhangers, but I'm still excited to read this one.

  10. I checked all the Blue Bloods out to read this summer. Probably hit them during the Read-a-thon in July. Thanks for the review.