Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Reading List 2011

My dear twitter friends @MoREthANHuMAn and @Running5k2day have asked me for a summer reading list! Last year I did this for @MoREthANHuMAn and I'm doing it again. I am breaking it down to books I have read and believe are a must! Also if you'd like to know what I'm reading now, click on the Currently Reading tab on the menu where I have my reading list for the month.


Divergent by Veronica Roth: You can't cover dystopian novels without talking about Divergent. I mean it's like not mentioning Hunger Games. Veronica Roth's debut novel is AMAZING! Like to amazing for words. You can read my review here, but if you pick up one book this summer let it be this one!

Enclave by Ann Aguirre I just finished this book and I loved it! Fade is amazing like you might want to jump in the book and make out with him. I mean you will love him. If you are a fan of the discovery show Life After People then this one is for you!

Wither by Lauren DeStefano I loved this book. Everyone dies young, girls are kidnapped off the streets and sold to be married. The need for breeding is insane so men marry many wives some as young as 13. I know you are thinking and this is a happy book? Trust me when I say you will get so caught up in it!


Morganville Series by Rachel Caine: One of my favorite series and they are re-releasing them in the combined edition with two books in one.  I love this vampire series and not just because Claire is super smart, the guys are super hot, and hello it's in Texas!

A Beautiful Need by Suzanne Young: Debut novel about a girl who gets this feeling she has to help people and she can't fight it.  The need to help them gets stronger as she gets older and when she discovers what it means she doesn't know how to handle it.  Such a unique story I think you will really enjoy it!

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton: There is a crazy woman, a girl who does the unspeakable to get what she needs in a tupperware container and it all takes place in a small town cemetery. If you like magic, paranormal, creepy plot lines, and a twisted tale, then this is perfect for you!

Angel Burn by L. A. Weatherly: We must admit we either hate or love angels right?  Well in Angel Burn the angels are the evil that are trying to turn humans into lunch.  I love the story and how it unfolds and instead of the Angel being the love interest he's the villain.


OyMG by Amy Fellner Dominy:  I ADORE THIS BOOK!  If contemporary YA is your taste then you will love this book.  Debut author Amy Dominy balances family, religion, prejudice, being yourself, and adds a hot guy to top off a great story.  Seriously I can't give this book enough love!  I will be re-reading this one this summer!

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson:  This book was released last year and it's about a road trip that Amy is forced on when her father passes away and her mother want's her to drive the car across the country.  Only instead of taking the trip her mother planned Roger and Amy take their own trip and end up pulling Amy out of the depression she was in and find a world of adventures.  LOVE LOVE LOVE


Revolution by Jennifer Donnellly: As you may know I'm not big on historical or audio but Revolution made me love both! Andi is living a very destructive life until her father takes her to Paris to remove her from her environment and there she finds the diary of Alexandrine. Alexandrine lived during the French Revolution and was far from what women were expected to be in those days.

Adult Contemporary Fiction:

Skipping a Beat by by Sarah Pekkanen:
This book made all kinds of splash in the press, even ending up on O Magazine's must reads and I can see why.  Julia is the wife of a multimillionaire and has her own company but her marriage is far from perfect. The only thing that probably stopped her from divorcing Michael was his near death experience.  Julia want's life to go on and Michael wants to sell their fortune and wants to make things right but is he a little too late?

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  1. I love the making out with Fade part! lol! I would totally do that too....Anyway great picks. There are a couple of those that I haven't read and the ones that I have I could probably re read right now because I loved them so much!

  2. I've only read Angel Burn & you're right it is good. The others are already on my to read list. Really interest in OMyG. Thanks for the list.

  3. I think everyone should read Divergent, any time of the year! and I can't wait to read A Need So Beautiful this summer :-) great picks!!

  4. I am trying to look for Revolution. I read the back of the book at one time and wish I bought it when I had the chance. Grrr

    Also, I had no clue Melissa was doing another Blue Blood's book, I thought she was done with the series after Schuyler and Jack got together... but I haven't read anymore books after the Van Alen Legacy to know what happened to them... so maybe he's gone? lol

  5. Two Readers Reviews: I was worried that my blogger friends would have already read all of these.

    Amy: OyMG is so amazing that I seriously recommend getting it ASAP!

    Ginger: You are so right Divergent is a book for any occasion. A Need So Beautiful is so great and I can't wait to see the finished cover.

    Karm: Revolution has been out for a quite a while you might have to order it online or request that your bookstore stock it and then pick it up in store. Blue Bloods yes there are so many more and I can't wait for the next one.

  6. You chose some awesome books! I agree with you on Divergent, Wither, and Amy & Roger! I need to get around to reading Enclave because everyone says it's great!

  7. A fabulous list!!! I'm looking forward to A Need So Beautiful as well. I loved the part about Fade-HA! I'm telling Jay!!!

  8. Library Gal: LOL Jay changed his number after the wedding. :P

  9. Jacinda: I think you will really like Enclave!

  10. Love your list! Most of them are on mine too and now I have ideas of others to add :)

  11. Thank you for showing the books! I really want to read:Wither, A Beautiful Need, Blood Magic and all the others too. Ha! ;)

  12. Great list! Divergent is my favourite read in 2011 so far and I also enjoyed Amy and Roger:)

  13. What a great variety! Visiting here first time and following your lovely blog for future visits!:)