Friday, July 1, 2011

Review: Dead Rules

Dead Rules by Randy Russell

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Dead Rules by Randy Russell is the most unexpected 5 star book I have read this summer! Not only is the cover to die for, but the witty and original story is so hard to put down that I almost considered pulling over during rush hour to finish the last few chapters.

In Dead Rules Jana Webster finds out that when you die instead of a fancy afterlife you go to a place called Dead School. Everyone in Dead School is exactly as they were the moment they died and they go to Dead School to learn about themselves. As if life wasn’t hard enough now you spend your afterlife in school. Kids in Dead School are separated into groups the Sliders, who did something wrong when they died and the Risers, who were not at fault when they died. There are also the Virgins who are almost angel like and the Shades, who committed suicide. Jana arrives at Dead School as a Riser and it takes her a bit to adjust to Dead School and she's also certain that once her boyfriend realizes they can still be together he will soon join her. Wouldn’t your high school boyfriend want to die to spend eternity with you?

Jana decides not to wait for her boyfriend Michael to die and decides that she has to kill him so he can be with her. Only Jana can’t manifest, into a ghost, as a Riser and begins her path to becoming a Slider. This is both funny and dangerous. Her Riser friends try to talk her out of it, but she is determined, and with the help of some Sliders she might just pull it off. Only no plan ever goes off without a hitch, while Jana is dead set that Michael is her soul mate she misses out on Mars the tremendously hot Slider right in front of her. He is hot, hot, and hot. Ok I know I said hot three times, but you really need to read this book and see why for yourself.

Nothing I say will justify just how wonderful, fresh, funny, and downright fantastic this book is so run out and get a copy. Dead Rules doesn't have a cliffhanger ending, but I felt like there might be a window for either a second book or a companion, if so I would love that!

Dead Rules is Randy Russell’s debut YA novel and out now. I want to thank Randy for sending a review copy in exchange for an honest review. To say thanks and to show how much I loved this book I am giving away a finished copy.

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  1. Yay - glad you loved it too! We must discuss!

  2. I am afraid to read the full review. Just started the book on your advisement ;)

  3. This sounds amazing! I've read the 75 page sample thing, and now I can't wait for the book. Great review & thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  4. This has been on my to -read list since it first was mentioned- sounds amazing!!!

  5. This book sounds really fun and different! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  6. Sounds like a very intriguing book!!!

  7. I am so glad to hear that you liked this one! It does sound totally original! I so so hope that I win!

  8. I have seen so many positive reviews of this, I definitely think I'm gonna have to get a copy. If it is pull-over-in-rush-hour-traffic-good, I just can't say no :)

  9. This one sounds so different and interesting!

  10. Umm can I just say HOLY AWESOME! After reading your review I am just so freaking excited to read this book. The cover is gorgeous and the title has been catching my eye for a while but it sounds like so much more than I would have expected it to be. Can't wait to read it!

  11. This sounds great. Glad to hear you liked it. Thanks for the review, and the giveaway!

  12. Wow, spending your whole afterlife in high school? Yeah, that'd be like the 7th level to me. But, the book sounds awesome and I'm definitely gonna have to give it a read. Thanks for the rec!