Friday, September 9, 2011

Review: One Flight Up

One Flight Up by Susan Fales-Hills

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Where to begin....One Flight Up is a story of four friends who are all unhappy with something in their relationships. India, a powerful lawyer, will only date guys she is sure she would never marry because she had her heart broken by the one she really loved. Abby is married to an artist whom she has helped become well-known, but he treats her and her friends like something he stepped on. Abby refuses to see that he is an ASS! Esme, a hot blooded Latina, is so bored in her marriage that she sleeps with any man who crosses her path. Monique went to school with the girls, but wasn't part of the group until recently, because she used to bully India for being half white and half African America. She is now a successful doctor but gets no attention or affection from her husband.

While India's boyfriend Julien plans for the future, India plans for the day that she gets tired of him and buys an apartment, that she keeps a secret. At this point I want to yell YOU HAVE A GOOD MAN SET HIM FREE OR BE HONEST!

Instead of each woman dealing and talking about why they are so unhappy with their men they turn to other men. They carry out affairs with no remorse. If anything they feel empowered, young and beautiful when they have their affairs or sleep around. If you ask me, having an affair makes you a coward and dirty. Since three of the girls are married they start out keeping their sexual escapades to broom closets and hotels. They eventually make use of India's secret apartment. Can we say gross? Who is cleaning the sheets? While I love my friends I really don't want to think they got it on all over my furniture. There is not enough LYSOL in the world.

As all affairs go spouses find out, but don't expect a typical reaction. I never really felt I could connect with any of these women. I also think that when we as women cheat, you have a guilty conscience, because being with a man is usually more emotional than physical and I didn't feel this was the case. For me this story was too far from reality and I didn't enjoy it.

I believe that there is a book for everyone and just because I didn't like it doesn't mean someone out there won't enjoy it. So if you are in the US or Canada and would like to read this then email me and I'll mail it to you.

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