Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: The Iron Knight

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Short Version: If you haven't started this series then you should know that The Iron Knight is the fourth and final book in the Iron Fey series and I believe the series gets better as you read the books. The first three novels are told from Megan's point of view and for this final novel Ash tells the story. Author Julie Kagawa tells a unique fey story that will take you from holding your breath to holding back tears. I highly recommend this series.

Long Version:Only read this if you have already read the first three novels or you will be lost.
When I read The Iron Queen I thought it was the last book so about 2/3 into the novel I kept breaking down thinking this can't be the ending. I won't lie Iron Queen had me crying like New Moon and Shiver combined but for a 1/3 of the novel. It was not a pretty sight. So when I finished I was devastated until I found out there would be a fourth book. When The Iron Knight was released on NetGalley I was afraid to read it because The Iron Queen made me so emotional, but I also couldn't not read it.

Ash left the Iron Kingdom with a vow and he will travel until the end of the world to succeed or die trying. In The Iron Knight Julie really dove deep into Ash's past and held nothing back about how cruel he really was. At some points I questioned if he could be redeemed. While Ash is determined to get on with his quest he must turn to old friends if he is to even have a chance of surviving his quest. Some of the most difficult challenges Ash will face require doing nothing at all.

The details in the fey and creatures are so vivid they feel real. If you read carefully you will also find many hidden clues that shape the future of the story. If you are wondering if I cried, I did. THANKS FOR THAT JULIE! If you haven't started this series do so now and if you are unsure about this book I recommend you move it to the top of your "To Read" list!

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  1. I really liked the first three books. I feel like this is an under appreciated series since I rarely read about them on book blogs. Glad to see someone else enjoys them!

  2. Loved, Loved, LOVED these books! Julie's world building is second to none and gah, I loved Puck! The characters are fun, the dialogue snappy and doesn't drag, and basically these books are everything I love about high fantasy!


  3. It was such a wonderful end to the series and I am so glad that we get to read books about Ethan, next!