Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Audio Review: Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Rating: ????

Short and Sweet:
I have had a difficult time with this review for many reasons. See books you love and even books you aren’t crazy about aren’t difficult to write reviews for, because you know why you either loved it or not. I believe one of the hardest books to write a review for are those that grab a hold of you and pull you through an emotional roller coaster leaving you to wonder why did we go there? Dark YA novels have a purpose but if the novel leaves you with a million questions and feeling that the ending is incomplete, is the book worth it?

Longer Version:
Glow reminds me of Cresendo and Impossible, both books grabbed me and made me feel like I was living what the character was living, but is the last place on earth I'd want to be. Glow plays on a basic fear of becoming a victim and being lied to. I don’t think any person ever wants to feel like we are not in control of our safety or the fact that we don’t have a way out. With each CD I kept living this horror and found myself lashing out. If you were one of the many people sitting next to me in traffic I apologize I normally don’t swear as much.

In Glow there are two ships, the Empyrean and the New Horizon, one person makes a horrible decision that hurts a lot of people on the New Horizon and that group retaliates by taking the Empyrean's children specifically their daughters and doing unspeakable experiments on them. Waverly is one of the girls who is captured and is one of the first girls to be experimented on. She finally starts to ask questions about what their kidnappers are doing to them, but it made me angry that it took Waverly so long to figure out what was going on, when really she should have seen the signs. She was also sympathetic to her kidnappers. For me I think I would have trusted no one until I was safe, but the problem is that in Glow you are never really safe. As you can tell by my review Glow made me angry, confused and I think a lot more people should have paid for what happened. Since Glow is a series I guess you are wondering will I read/listen to the second book and my answer is I don’t know. I felt so much anger at Glow and I think it takes skills to write a book that will have that effect on a reader. I really don’t know if I could put myself through another book.


  1. Oh this one had a powerful affect on you. Sounds like it may take you months to figure out if you liked or hated that affect. Great honest review. Thank you :) I will keep this all in mind.

  2. oh wow, I had no idea that this book was such a powerful read.

  3. I recently received an audio copy for I'm dying to get to it. I wasn't 100% sold on it but your review has changed my mind. It just moved to the top of my list. :)

  4. Spot on review. I read a print ARC and it was a roller-coaster for sure.

  5. I liked it, I didn't like it. I think Waverly was a bit hard on her boyfriend (cant remember name), but the whole "lied to" thing, yeah, that was hard to not to scream.