Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest Review: The Faerie Ring

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I have invited my friend Sarah to guest review on my blog. Sarah is a Houston book blogger and like me a big supporter of Class of 2k11. When she mentioned she was reading The Faerie Ring I asked if she would like to review it for my blog and here we are! I hope you enjoy Sarah's review and make sure to visit her site.

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

Sarah's Rating: 4 stars

I’ve been looking forward to reading The Faerie Ring since I first read about it last spring and I was not disappointed! By the first few pages I was hooked and I couldn’t wait to find out more about Tiki and why she ends up picking pockets when she seems to be educated and could've possibly found another way to earn money. I enjoyed being taken back in time to 1871 London on this tale of survival and self-discovery. Tiki is not just picking pockets for herself, but for the four other orphaned children she shares a space with, for which she feels a responsibility to. But Tiki will soon find out that just because you don't get caught stealing there are always consequences and that you should be careful who you steal from.

Tiki steals a ring belonging to Queen Victoria and she soon finds herself in the middle of what could become a nasty war between England and the Faire realm. Then there is the mysterious Rieker, a fellow thief, who is not quite what he seems. I enjoyed seeing Tiki come into her own as she tries to save her family and find out more about why Rieker is so interested in her.

Part of the enjoyment of this book was seeing how all the pieces fell together and how the title has more than one meaning.I can’t wait to read more about the world Kiki has created in The Faerie Ring and to discover what is in store for Tiki and Rieker.

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  1. Awesome review! I loved this book, too! I really liked Tiki's makeshift family of street urchins, and definitely enjoyed the myths Hamilton was playing with in her world building.


  2. Oh, definitely sounds good! I'll have to read The Faerie Ring very soon