Monday, November 7, 2011

Interview and Giveaway: Anna Carey

I'm thrilled to welcome Anna Carey the author of Eve. Eve is described as THE HUNGER GAMES meets THE HANDMAID’S TALE so it's no surprise that Eve is already in development as a TV series pilot from the producers of The Vampire Diaries. Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series, calls Eve “A gripping, unforgettable adventure—and a fresh look at what it means to love.”

Where did the idea for your novel come from?
When I started the book I'd been thinking about the same few questions: What would happen if you found out everything you've learned is a lie? What if the world, as it actually was, was so much more beautiful and terrifying than you ever could have imagined? Would you have the courage to explore it?

When writing do you visualize the scene in your mind or is it just getting the words on paper?
I find the scene flows better when I visualize everything in my head--where all the characters are, what objects are around them, where people are coming and going from. It's most important when writing action scenes. I'm actually so OCD about this I make drawings, amateur blueprints and maps while writing each book. I have a detailed drawing of Eve's school showing the lake, the buildings and all the entrances and exits. I also have drawings of the dugout. Because the first book takes place over several states and the characters travel there by car, on foot and horseback, I mapped out Eve's journey on an actual map of the west, making sure the times/distances were correct.

How much changed from the original manuscript?
Overall, the first Eve book is fairly similar to the original draft. The chapters that changed the most were the ones in the dugout, when Eve is realizing how deceitful the Teachers were. She's struggling to let go of her past while learning to trust Caleb. I have a really insightful editor, who helped me condense the chapters. There were several "deep thoughts" chapters (as I call them) when Eve was just thinking about her predicament.

How did you decide on dystopia?
When I started Eve I was more interested in writing a post-apocalyptic story. I wanted to write about what happens to people after a horrific tragedy. If a disaster occurred tomorrow, how would the survivors more forward? Would there be chaos? Would we stay true to the values our country was founded on or follow the first leader with a clear vision? The more dystopian elements of the book came as I moved forward in the writing, and was thinking about how the new government would rebuild. I wanted Eve to have more challenges than just the ones she faces in the wild, and having the King's men hunting her brought a whole new level of drama to the book.

What are your next projects?
Eve is a trilogy, so I'm working on the final book now (the second book, Once, will be out July 2012). I'm starting to think about what will be next once the series is over. It'll be sad to say good-bye to these characters!

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    1. It's a series. The second book is called Once and will be out on July 3rd.