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The Mapmaker and the Ghost Winners

BookMark Winners:
Entry #32 karm
Entry #4 Kristen
Entry #17 Vivien
Entry #40 sarah e.

ARC Winner:
Entry #39Christina F.

Winners have 48 Hours to reply by email with a mailing address or a new winner will be picked. Thanks for entering and don't forget to enter the NEVERSINK giveaway.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Neversink Tour Stop and Giveaway

Neversink: An Editing Saga By Barry Wolverton

I am honored to be a guest blogger on Cari’s Book Blog today. So I thought I would share something special — a scene that didn’t make it into the final version of the book. (By the way, if you’re really interesting in the writing and editing process, I encourage you to pick up my DVD box set: NEVERSINK: AN AUTHOR’S JOURNEY, a 1700-disc set depicting approximately 10,000 hours of me writing and revising NEVERSINK over a six-year period — edited so you can watch in one uninterrupted sitting of just over a year.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this snapshot. The scene below appeared early in the book, as the sea-bird colony at Auk’s Landing is preparing for a party thrown by Egbert, a know-it-all walrus who is determined to spread his love of literature, even though most animals at this point in history can’t read or write. Egbert has just arrived at the party with Lockley Puffin, his best friend and the book’s hero, and Ruby, the vagrant hummingbird and resident thorn in Egbert’s side.

Deleted Scene

There was great commotion — even more so than usual for an island filled with birds and seals — yet harmony was the order of the day. That is, until someone pooped on Egbert’s head.

Egbert looked up to see a dark object circling away.
“Shelley Skylark,” he said. “Probably didn’t like my review of her poem, ‘Ode to a Skylark’. I called it hopelessly self-indulgent and narcissistic.”

“What does that mean?” said Lockley.

“It means he thought it stunk,” said Ruby. “A real pile of poop, like the one on his head.”

Just then Egbert was the target of yet another aerial bombing. He looked up and shook his head. “Nick Nightingale,” he said. “Probably didn’t like what I had to say about ‘Ode to a Nightingale.”

“Maybe you should rethink the need to invent the job of literary critic,” offered Ruby. But Egbert brushed off this suggestion, reminding her that one couldn’t know if something was good without the opinion of someone like Egbert.

Meanwhile Lockley, wandering around, found himself surrounded by a group of arctic terns who had just returned from their annual around-the-world migration. This was a situation Lockley always hoped to avoid. He admired their remarkable feat of flying. But they always came back wanting to tell him about the penguins.

“Uncanny resemblance,” said one tern. “Black and white, a bit soft in the middle.”

“But somehow, just all-around cuter,” said another.

“They’re adorable,” said a third. “And brave. The South Pole is the coldest place on earth, you know.”

“So I’ve heard,” said Lockley. “From you. On a semi-annual basis.”

“Terrible winds,” the tern continued. “Would blow your ordinary puffin clean over.”

Lockley just sighed. “It’s a wonder, then, penguins don’t fly.”

The terns squawked.

“Somebody’s crabby,” said one. “See, now penguins — they don’t snap at you like that.”

The other terns agreed.

“And puffins are so proud of how they fly underwater,” said another tern. “But penguins shoot through the water like dolphins!”

Lockley began stamping his feet and clicking his bill. He was about to launch into a polite but stern defense of the worthiness of puffins when his wife Lucy walked up.

“Lockley, stop bothering the terns.”

“Me? But I . . .”

“Never mind. The Great Auk has arrived. It’s time for a story.”

Now I happen to think the scene was charming and funny, and not without purpose. It shows the kind of interplay between Egbert and Ruby that defines their relationship, reinforces Egbert’s personality as a lovable blowhard, and establishes a running joke in the book — that penguins are roundly celebrated and adored, while puffins, at best, are often confused with penguins. But ultimately I agreed that it should be edited out. Read the book for yourself and see if we made the right choice!

Have you heard about Project Puffin?

Walden Pond Press will be running a Twitter campaign to raise awareness for Project Puffin, a division of Audubon that helps protect Atlantic Puffins. In short, for every 100 re-tweets we receive of the tweet mentioned below, we will adopt one puffin from Project Puffin. After the Twitter campaign, we will do a random drawing of all participants – the winner gets to pick the school, library, or classroom in which the puffin(s) is adopted.

Tweet for Puffins!: The NEVERSINK Adopt-A-Puffin Campaign

In honor of Neversink, Barry Wolverton's debut novel (pub 3/27/12), Walden Pond Press is lending their support to a great organization: The National Audubon Society's Project Puffin. From Tuesday, March 27th through Friday, March 30th, for every 100 tweets of the following message, Walden Pond Press will contribute money to adopt one puffin from Project Puffin: RT @WaldenPondPress In honor of #NEVERSINK by @wolvertonhill, help us support Audubon's Project Puffin! Every 100 RTs = 1 puffin adopted.

Provided they reach at least 100 tweets, they will select one classroom, school, or library at random from all participants in whose name the puffin(s) will be adopted. More info here:

Neversink Blog Tour Stops:

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Before we get to the giveaway I want to say thanks to Barry and Walden Pond Press for allowing me to be part of the blog tour. I loved the deleted scene and can't wait to read Neversink! #PuffinLove

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Post: Eve Marie Mont

Please help me welcome Class of 2k12 author Eve Marie Mont who is author of Breath of Eyre! Breath of Eyre is available now at your favorite store.  I invited Eve to talk about story retellings. Enjoy!

Twice Told Tales

As an English teacher, I am a huge fan of literary retellings—anything that might induce a reader to seek out the classics from which they were inspired. I love all kinds of retellings, from the highbrow (A Thousand Acres, Wide Sargasso Sea, Cold Mountain) to the lowbrow (Clueless, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Lost in Austen). I’ve also been enjoying the recent spate of fairy tale and mythological re-envisionings such as Jackson Pearce’s Sisters Red and Josephine Angelini’s Starcrossed. Perhaps because our real world has become so fraught with fear and anxiety, readers seem to be craving a connection with the past, an escape from reality, a story that is both new and familiar.

There is, of course, a danger in taking a universally adored story and using it for your own purposes; readers will either love you or hate you for it. And often it will be the most ardent fans of the original who become the most ardent critics of the remake. I understand this. There are certain books that are so pure and perfect in my mind that the idea of tampering with them makes me cringe. When I first began writing A Breath of Eyre, I was well aware that Jane Eyre is one of the most beloved books in literary history. The thought that I was “playing around” with a treasured classic caused me plenty of sleepless nights. But ever since I read the novel in high school, I guess you could say I’ve been obsessed with Jane and Rochester’s story. I wanted an excuse to linger in its pages, to consider the characters and their decisions from a modern perspective. And what better way to do that than to send a modern girl, literally, into the novel?

It took me a while to give myself permission to take Brontë’s story and make it my own, but once I added an element of fantasy, I let myself loose and the writing became a joy. While I use some of Brontë’s text verbatim, most of the Jane Eyre scenes have been recreated to show a modern girl’s reaction to being thrust into a nineteenth-century world: how does she respond to using a chamber pot, being without cell phone or computer or electricity, being wooed by a much older man with some very outdated attitudes toward women? And what does Emma learn by stepping into the shoes of Jane, a heroine who is strong, intelligent, moral, and unafraid to speak her mind?

Because Emma’s story is just as important as Jane’s, two-thirds of the novel takes place in Emma’s contemporary world. Throughout the novel, Emma becomes increasingly torn between two vastly different worlds and two vastly different men. Moving between realities and uncovering secrets in both, Emma must decide whether her destiny lies in the pages of Jane’s story, or in the unwritten chapters of her own.

I sincerely hope that fans of Jane Eyre will find A Breath of Eyre a satisfying and respectful tribute to my favorite novel. And for those who haven’t read Brontë’s masterpiece, I hope my book might send you into its pages and that you may fall head-over-heels in love with it as I did.

Thank you so much Eve for taking time to visit my blog and I hope you all add Breath of Eyre to your to read list!

To learn more about Eve visit:

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Winners: THE DARK DIVINE trilogy

Entry #57Jessika M.
Entry #61Jenni
Entry #26Diana M.

Winners has won THE DARK DIVINE trilogy! Winners have 48 Hours to reply by email with a mailing address or a new winner will be picked. Thanks for entering and  don't forget to enter the Mapmaker and the Ghost giveaway.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Giveaway: The Mapmaker and the Ghost

Sarvenaz Tash
The Mapmaker and the Ghost
Bloomsbury/Walker, April 24, 2012

I don't think there is a better cover than The Mapmaker and the Ghost! I was very excited when Class of 2k12's Sarvenaz emailed about hosting a giveaway. I automatically said yes and as we get closer to the release date Sarvenaz will be back to talk about her characters.

Thanks to Sarvenaz Tash for providing the giveaways!

To learn more about Sarvenaz visit:

Book Talk: Music & Events

Hello Readers,

I'm happy to say I'm still around but having two jobs is exhausting. I would love to share what's been going on with me.

First have you downloaded The Hunger Games soundtrack yet? At first I wasn't sure I loved it, but after listening to it for two days I think I'm a fan. A few favorites are Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Arcade Fire, The Civil Wars, Glen Hansard, so pretty much all except Daughter's Lament. I have added the song list below.

1. Abraham's Daughter - Arcade Fire
2. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - The Secret Sisters
3. Nothing To Remember - Neko Case
4. Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift
5. The Ruler And The Killer - Kid Cudi
6. Dark Days - Punch Brothers
7. One Engine - The Decemberists
8. Daughter's Lament - Carolina Chocolate Drops
9. Kingdom Come - The Civil Wars
10. Take The Heartland - Glen Hansard
11. Come Away To The Water - Maroon 5
12. Run Daddy Run - Miranda Lambert
13. Rules - Jayme Dee
14. Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
15. Lover Is Childlike - The Low Anthem
16. Just A Game - Birdy

A few weeks ago Tillie and I went over to the dark side and went to a non indie bookshop event. I know it felt so wrong, but it was for one of those rare book signings! See, Chris Perez who was the husband of the late Selena Quintanilla wrote a memoir and I had to go. The event was not handled smoothly, but Chris was really nice and I got to hang out with my blogger buddy Tillie!

Now on to a great event! I just got home tonight from meeting Queen of Vampire writing Anne Rice! Murder by the Book, one of my favorite Indie Bookstores, organized the hundreds of fans who came out to see Ms. Rice. She is a tiny little thing and I was to afraid to say much more than thank you, but it was a great event! Shout out to all the wonderful staff at Murder by the Book!

Keep checking back for the latest in books and in the mean time have plenty of giveaways coming up. Also let me know which songs are your favorites on The Hunger Games Soundtrack!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Giveaway: Dark Divine series

I'm very excited to bring you such a special giveaway. Bree Despain is celebrating the release of her final book in the Dark Divine trilogy, The Savage Grace. Egmont wants to make sure you don't miss out so they are giving 3 lucky fans a complete set of her books and if you can't wait for the giveaway to end look for The Dark Divine and The Lost Saint at your favorite eBook retailer because they are on sale for only 1.99!

For more info on Bree and her series visit: and friend her on Facebook to receive updates, participate in contests and more.

Big thanks to Deb Shapiro, Bree Despain, and Egmont for the wonderful giveaway!

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Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale Winner


Winner has 48 Hours to reply by email with a mailing address or a new winner will be picked. Thanks for entering and check back soon for a new giveaway. Again I want to thank Putnam Books for providing the giveaway copy!

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Blood Born Trailer

This morning while I was getting ready for work [running around like a crazy person because I woke up late] I saw my twitter friend Jaime Manning tweet the book trailer for his book Blood Born. I of course had to stop what I was doing and watch. First let me say I love the trailer! I met Jamie at ALA last year in New Orleans and he's a great guy! I hope you add Blood Born to your 'to read' list because I know I have. Blood Born will be released April 24th and is available for pre-order.

Twitter: @byJamieManning

About Blood Born:

Waking up in a coffin hungry for blood is only the beginning for sixteen-year-old Ava Blue. When Chance Caldon, the hottie who dug her up, tells her she's half vampire, Ava's world really turns upside down.

Half vamp? Ava can't believe it...she doesn't even know what that means! Not until Aldric, a thousand-year-old vampire, shows up and tells her it's true--and that he's the one who turned her. Then Ava truly begins to believe what she is. Now she has to deal with a sudden and powerful bloodlust, the desire to see Aldric dead, and her growing crush for Chance. Ava knows she's a monster now, she can feel it; and her life is over.

But redemption isn't lost. Aldric is giving her a chance to regain her humanity. The price? Kill 100 vampires, or remain a bloodsucker forever.

So Ava sets out to get her life back. But killing vampires begins a battle that could destroy everything she is working toward. In the end, Ava's decision will forever change her life and the lives of those she loves.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Audio Review: Partials by Dan Wells

Partials by Dan Wells
Audio Book
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

I have not loved a dystopian novel this much since Hunger Games and Divergent. Seriously where has Dan Wells been all my reading life?!?

I know what you're thinking, another dystopian novel, but seriously this is coming from a person who isn't a big fan of end of the world novels! When I first stumbled across the cover back in September I was intrigued. Then after seeing the novel on audibles I thought Hey I need that! Partials is 14 hours but the combination of dramatic storytelling and a wonderful narrator you will feel like you want the book to never end!

There were so many points in the story where I thought, "oh no this is the cliff hanger ending", but the story continued! I will say that I was very surprised not to see a love triangle or a big romance taking center stage but don't let it deter you because there is so much heart, loyalty, action and suspense to make up for it!

Keira lives in a world where humanity as we know it is over. There are only a few hundred survivors and every time a child is born the baby dies. The government that is left has passed a law that all women over the age of eighteen must be pregnant at all times. They hope that eventually a child will survive. What caused the world to go into chaos? The Partials. The Partials where made in a lab as soldiers to fight a war. They look like humans, but they don't age and can't reproduce. They are harder to kill, making them excellent in winning a war. Only they turned on humans and released a virus that killed practically everyone. The humans that are left fear and hate Partials and have isolated themselves on Long Island while the Partials roam the rest of the US.

Keira is a medical intern and she doesn't understand how having more babies will solve anything. The hospital conducts studies on the adults and babies before and after their deaths, but she sees this as a dead end. How can studying the same thing over and over, year after year, not give you the same results? Keira feels the key has to be in the Partials. She approaches the doctors and explains her theory about the Partials but they quickly shut her down. This becomes an even more pressing issue when her best friend Madison tells her she is expecting a baby. Keira explains to her friends that she believes studying a Partial might be the only way to save her friend. Marcus, her boyfriend goes into protector mode and wants her to forget it but Madison's husband Haru and her brother Jayden think she might be right and agree to help Keira.

Keira and her group will run into a million obstacles, but they go forward knowing that they're risking their lives and accept it, if it means there's a chance to save humanity. I can't tell you how strong Keira is. She is determined and willing to risk it all! Jayden stole a part of my heart which leaves me breathless! I have really only scratched the surface on how amazing this novel really is. Trust me when I say you have to read or listen to this book.

I'm ready for Fragments book two in the Partials series to be released in 2013. I am also planning on going back and reading Wells' other novels. I leave you with a mission of your own, can someone bring Dan Wells to Texas ASAP?!?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winner of Advance Readers Copy of Black City

Jackie Jessy

Winner has 48 Hours to reply by email with a mailing address or a new winner will be picked. Thanks for entering and check don't forget to enter the Faith Bass giveaway.

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Giveaway: Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale

It's time for a giveaway y'all! Putnam Books has graciously offered an advance readers copy of Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale by Lynda Rutledge. I was very happy to hear that Lynda is a Texas author and her book has that Texas flair!

About the book:
On the last day of the millennium, sassy Faith Bass Darling decides to have a garage sale. Why is the richest lady in Bass, Texas, a recluse for thirty years, suddenly selling off her worldly possessions?As the townspeople grab up the heirlooms, and the antiques reveal their own secret stories, a cast of characters appears to witness the sale or try to stop it. Before the day is over, they'll all examine their roles in the Bass family saga, as well as some of life's most imponderable questions: Do our possessions possess us? What are we without our memories? Is there life after death or second chances here on earth? And is Faith "really "selling that Tiffany lamp for $1?

Praise for Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale:
"It's been a long time since I've read anything that let me be a reader again, but this book did it for me. It’s a joy to read. I loved every page. Lynda Rutledge has a wonderful, fresh Southern voice to go with her talent, and I predict she'll go far. Treat yourself to this luminous, enchanting story." -New York Times bestselling author, Haywood Smith

“A small-town novel that asks the big questions of life, Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale is a heartfelt story about last chances, second chances, and chance itself. When Faith Bass Darling is called to sell all her belongings on what she believes to be her last day on earth, she changes the lives of the townspeople around her…and she’ll change yours, as well. A most thought-provoking read.” -Tiffany Baker, New York Times bestselling author of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

To learn more about Lynda visit her:

Twitter: @LyndaRutledge
Lynda Rutledge Facebook Page

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March Reading List

So here is my schedule of what I plan to read this month. Feel free to join me and then we can discuss. Also I am always up for taking recommendations. If you check my blog often you will find I add and remove books just depending on my moods. What are you reading or looking forward to reading this month?

Currently Reading:

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