Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Post: Sarvenaz Tash

I'm so excited to welcome Class of 2k12's Sarvenaz Tash! When I first saw the cover for The Mapmaker and the Ghost I was smitten! I think, if it can draw my attention as an adult, it will be great for middle graders. Please help me welcome Sarvenaz!

Sarvenaz Tash
The Mapmaker and the Ghost
Bloomsbury/Walker, April 24, 2012

As is probably pretty apparent by the cover, The Mapmaker and the Ghost has a lot of characters!

I seriously had fun writing each and every one. You’ll probably see why once I introduce you to them. So starting with the girl in the bottom left corner and going clockwise, that is:

Goldenrod: The heroine of this story. Goldenrod is an adventurer and mapmaker and, even though her best friend has inconveniently moved away and left her a solo explorer, she’s determined to spend her summer vacation accurately mapping out her hometown. Just like her heroes Lewis and Clark once did.

Brains: As his nickname implies, is very smart. Unfortunately, he may not always use those smarts for a noble cause. His biggest hero is Nikola Tesla, an inventor who Brains thinks was unfairly overshadowed by the much more popular Thomas Edison.

The Old Lady:
Is…rather mysterious. She lives in a cottage by the forest. And that is all I’ll say about her for now.

No-Bone: Has the world’s bendiest spine! Doctors want to study it. Circus performers want to hone it. And the school’s other Limbo competitors have no way to compete with it.

Snotshot: Has some impressive, though perhaps gross, nose tricks up her sleeve. She’s clever and tough and ready to take on anyone who calls her a “girl.” Usually with the aid of her nose’s incredible aim.

The Ghost: He’s in the title so we know he’s pretty important and here he is in the flesh…er, or should I say in the spirit? Unfortunately, I will have to leave that one at that, too. But he does wear a most handsome maroon overcoat, don’t you think?

Toe Jam: You may not know it to look at his dirty face, but he’s actually the richest kid in school with an army of chauffeurs, butlers, and personal chefs at his disposal. Along with the world’s most impressive collection of sock fuzz.

Spitbubble: Is a bit on the mysterious side as well. He’s the oldest of the kids and the leader and he’s well known for his icy black glare.

Lint: Is very muscular and athletic and has been drinking protein shakes since he could hold a bottle. He’s not necessarily very bright but, together with his best friend Brains, they make one big, strong, smart—and sometimes scary—team.

Birch: Is Goldenrod’s little brother and perhaps her biggest fan. Whatever she’s doing seems much more fun than being stuck at home all summer. Especially once he’s already beaten all of his video games.

To learn more about Sarvenaz visit: http://www.sarvenaztash.com/home.html

I want to thank Sarvenaz for visiting my blog and telling us all about her characters. I can't wait to meet them April 24th when the book is released! I hope you add this to your list!


  1. Wow - that is a great front cover! Everything has made me soooo intrigued. Thanks for the post.

  2. I am intrigued as well, looks like a good read. I will certainly keep my eyes open for this book for the kids. TFS Cari !!